The Anti-Theft Purse Pursuit

I’m looking for a purse. It’s time. So, I decided to look into an anti-theft purse. Why? Though things are typically safe in the American Midwest, thefts do happen. I’m pretty much a prime target now, with having kids built in for distraction for would-be criminals.

That time it happened to me

I had always wanted to take a pottery class. There was one offered in my neighborhood, so I started going regularly. At one point, I left my purse on the other side of the room during an open art class. A woman came in, sat down, and talked to all of us. She was friendly, asked us what we were doing, and even feigned interest in our amateur projects. Then, she casually wandered out the other door. I realized at the end of the class that she’d taken my wallet. It was a perfect opportunity.

I’m far more wary nowadays and even more vigilant – I don’t let my guard down even in “safe” situations. And I believe in being prepared. This crime happened right in my neighborhood. Purse thefts and pickpocketing are a little more common in touristy areas and I’d like to do what I can to try and prevent it.

A torso in a blue shirt, modeling a travelon anti-theft purse.

My new purse selfie. Also, the only piece of the purse I am worried about is the clasp attachment.


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why now?

We will also be traveling this year, with a trip currently in the works. I have decided that now is the time to invest. I’ve spent most of the day looking up which brands are best and reading many, many reviews of various products. I may have also been spurred on by dreaming last night that I lost my brand new phone. This dream was far more traumatic than it sounds.

It’s exhausting. I could really use more coffee.  I have been sifting through reviews and pictures to figure out my favorite style, a price I can afford, and what will last the longest. In the past, the cheaper (and weirder) the purse, the better. Now, I want the one that is just the right size (you know, that unicorn), must have a long strap so I can wear it across my body, and zippers. Zippers seem safer than open and loose pockets for me in general.

A zipper with a clasp, making it harder to be a victim of pickpockets.

One of the features used to help deter would-be pickpockets on my anti-theft purse.

The Anti-theft purse pursuit

Backpacks with anti-theft options are plentiful, but it seems like sturdy anti-theft purse options are lacking. Of course, I want something that’s somewhat stylish, contains anti-slash technology, and maybe is even a little waterproof. Is that really too much to ask?

I chose the Travelon Anti-theft travel classic mini shoulder bag. I read several reviews and based on one review that was very well written, I chose it in the color called stone. This is not a sponsored post, though these links are affiliate links. I really did buy this for myself.

It comes with a little LED light. That LED is illuminating the pockets that have the RFID blocking technology.

Four days later…

It came today! My husband was very interested in the anti-theft features. I’m pretty sure it was the first time he has checked out a purse. He did mention that it wasn’t a bastion of style. It is plain and the color can definitely be described as “non-descript.” Or “goes with anything,” for the diplomat. It’s more of a work horse purse than a unicorn. However, the size is right for me. Maybe it’s the narwhal of purses. I like narwhals.

Another angle of the travelon

Work horse.

My initial review is that it appears to be well made, durable, and non-descript. It’s cute enough given the other features.

I’m excited to use it on my travels this year!

What’s your favorite travel bag? Does it have anti-theft properties?

Here is the direct link!


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