June is Busting Out All Over: Wrap Up

June is busting out all – wait! June is already over?

Welcome to the June Wrap Up! I considered skipping this post this month. Why? I didn’t do anything I thought was “big enough” for the travel blog, it was all mostly local. Everyone should explore their hometown and surrounding areas and that’s exactly what we did! Also, there were a few odds and ends I thought you should know, stats, and an announcement!

#Localadventures should be your hashtag when you aren’t traveling

We did a lot of new things this month. We visited a small airport, three new parks, our cousins, and a place called Marmon Valley Farm! The kids road ponies for the first time, went fishing, and on a hayride.

Airport tour and June wrapup

A private jet at our local airport

A day-trip to somewhere new that’s only a few hours away fills me with almost as much anticipation as a big trip does. Okay, maybe only half as much,  but it is still satisfying, fun, and we all learn interesting things. My newly turned 3 year old found her climbing legs. My newly turned 4 year old can heat up his own pizza using the microwave.

“He’s ready for college,” I said to my husband.

First time fishing! It was catch and release. We didn't catch anything.

First time fishing! It was catch and release. We didn’t catch anything.

Upcoming plans and June Stats

Beds slept in: 2

Miles traveled: approximately 200

Most popular posts:

France: the Embarrassing, the Creepy, and the Silly was the most popular post in June! Not to be outdone, the surprisingly controversial post about the ethics of swimming with stingrays has come very close to overtaking the lead in the past week.

Most popular instagram picture:


This ended up as the most popular instagram picture this month. It’s about a thousand years old.

Videos made: 1 (see above)

July travel plans: We have two overnights and several day trips planned. I’ve been scouring the Internet for awesome travel deals and that leads me into my announcement! I’ll make it bigger, so it’s easier to see:


Now is a great time to plan your late summer/early fall vacation! There are so many amazingly affordable fares going on right now. I’ve seen a nonstop from Chicago to Amsterdam for $400. One of my favorite tools for looking up fares is Skyscanner (previously only mentioned in my newsletter, but it’s just too awesome to leave it there. This isn’t an affiliate link, either!) Keep in mind that these sales end quickly. You often have to buy immediately after you see it or it’s gone.

Go forth and travel, friends! Even if they are “only” local adventures. Baby steps toward a goal are still propelling you forward!

A pony says hi from behind the fence.

A pony says hi from behind the fence.

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