San Francisco and the Virus from Hell

The sand was warm beneath my bare and cold feet. It was a beach and my shoes had to be off! The view: The Golden Gate Bridge. Iconic. It was an amazing landmark to see in person. It was a chilly June day. I hadn’t expected that. Inland, it would be at least 10 degrees warmer. The virus had pretty much run its course by then, leaving me tired and weak. Even so, San Francisco did not disappoint.

San Francisco.

Me in San Francisco. It was so long ago, I was *blonde*! This was taken with a film camera, too.

Sightseeing in San Francisco

Several years ago, I spentĀ  week in San Francisco. It was my first visit and it was full of lovely possibilities. The first day or two were great. Then, I was hit with a nasty virus. The kind where you just want to stay in bed because you can barely move. My travel partner wouldn’t let me miss out on San Francisco, though.

He dragged me all over. I took a lot of ibuprofen to be able to keep moving. I was so much younger and worried I’d miss something, yet I still wanted to sleep. My travel partner knew the value of “just keep swimming” before that was even a thing (thank you, Finding Nemo).

We spent a significant amount of time in Chinatown and Japantown. We went to the Mission area for Mexican food. We rode the cable cars. We saw the sea lions on Pier 39. I loved the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood. Our hotel was within walking distance of Fisherman’s Wharf. Something we missed out on was visiting Alcatrez.

The famous Lombard Street in San Francisco.

The famous Lombard Street.

The evening that I started coming down with the illness, we ate at The Stinking Rose, which features garlic-smothered garlic (garlic-smothered garlic is not actually on the menu). I hoped all that garlic would help kick out the illness quickly. Nope. It did not work that way. Later, I sent my travel partner to the store to buy cold medicine. He found Theraflu (is that even still a thing), which was soothing as heck! Being sick while away from home stinks. Being sick for 4 days of a 7 day trip is also a huge bummer. I recovered in time to fly home.

And we watched The Shining remake. Yes, I went to the amazing city of San Francisco and watched tv. What’s even funnier (to me) is that I do not like horror movies, though, I suppose it’s more of a suspenseful movie. It was decent enough and held our attention. I needed the downtime.

Seals of San Francisco

Sea lions. Lots and lots of sea lions. Pier 39.

I was miserable as we wandered all over the city. I also bought and insane amount of dresses because they were really reasonably priced in the garment district. I also found a lovely dress in Chinatown. Guess what? I donated all those dresses to charity, because they no longer fit. I’ll stick with jewelry as a souvenir from now on! Or something else that can provide an awesome memory without taking up a huge amount of space. I have porcelain masks from New Orleans, shoes from Las Vegas (nearly 20 years old), and postcards from (almost) everywhere I’ve visited!

Left to my own devices, wouldn’t have seen so much of the city. I’m so thankful my travel partner insisted we didn’t miss out on a thing. I recommend visiting because even with the virus from hell, I loved exploring San Francisco!

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