This is Why I Suffer From Decision Fatigue While Family Trip Planning

Do you suffer from decision fatigue while family trip planning? I certainly do. In fact, I have a full on case of it right now! A lot of it is caused by having to plan a great trip for four different people, with different personalities. That’s right, it’s time to plan a family trip! Spring break, to be specific.

During one of the most expensive times of the year, I need to plan a kid friendly vacation. Yikes! How do you plan your vacations for kids? Where do you get your family vacation ideas?

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Holy Jurassic, Batman! Seeing the Dinosaurs at COSI Columbus

It’s happening! I think with a delightful, giddy air. I finally get to see a T-Rex!*

Sort of.

*Tyrannosaurus Rex lived during the late Cretaceous period, not the Jurassic period. I really wanted to say “Holy Jurassic, Batman!”

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The Scientific Adventure at COSI Kidspace

One of the things I wanted to do before leaving the Columbus, Ohio area was to visit COSI (Center of Science and Industry). I’d heard great things about the COSI Kidspace. Would you believe I got my act together about a month before we moved? I was SO proud of myself. Until the parking lot exit incident.

Other than the parking lot issue, I liked the museum. As always, the big question: Did the kids like it?

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The Unschooling Road Less Traveled in Mexico

“It’s nice to meet you! You’re going to homeschool, right?” She said. “You shouldn’t homeschool. You should send your kids to school here in Mexico.”

I was taken aback. However, it ended up being the norm here. I would meet an expat and they would immediately tell me to not homeschool my children in Mexico. The two biggest (and only) reasons given?

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I’m Moving to Another Country in 2 Months?!

What’s a mom to do when she finds out she is moving to another country in 2 months?!

Panic, that’s what.

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Zoey and Sassafras: Great STEM Books for Worldschoolers

I’ve followed Asia Citro’s blog for a few years now. I found it when I was looking for fun, messy play activities I could recreate at home for my littles. Her younger child is right around the same age as my kiddos, so she has many safe, fun activities for very young kids.

She’s also written a book series about a young scientist and her mom, who need to run experiments in order to help out magical creatures. It’s fantastic!

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Image of gift bags with a backdrop of grass and evergreens.

10 Gift Ideas for the Traveling Child

It’s that time of year in the United States.  Do you need some gift ideas for the traveling child? Do you need some ideas for your next long trip? Here are some great gifts for toddlers and preschoolers that also travel well. This gift list has a mixture of things I’ve purchased, recommendations from other traveling parents, and the best reviewed items I’m considering buying for our next trip.

While I don’t always do a lot of research before buying toys, it is imperative to read reviews before buying items that are meant for travel. Some travel toys are a GREAT idea in concept, but are not constructed well. This list has the best! Continue reading

A tambourine flying in the air, with the beautiful blue sky behind it.

This is Why Music Together and Traveling are in Perfect Harmony

When I found Music Together (which made this list), my children were 1 and 2 years old. I drove around 45 minutes one way to attend because the teacher and classes came so highly rated by fellow moms, who had a similar parenting philosophy to mine. I couldn’t help but wonder: would Music Together live up to the hype?

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Is Columbus Museum of Art for kids?

I took the kids to the Columbus Museum of Art in Columbus, Ohio, for the first time earlier this month (November, 2016). It was also my first visit there! Of course, I’ve been to museums before, but not with kids in tow. Given that it’s an art museum, I thought it would be stuffy and boring. So, is it fun for kids? Continue reading

I Want the World to be Our Classroom

I want my children to speak at least one additional language than our native one. I want to immerse them in another language, but I am not ready to sell everything to travel the world or settle somewhere else long term. How am I going to encourage language learning while staying true to my unschooling philosophy? Just how do I make the world my classroom?

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