Zoey and Sassafras: Great STEM Books for Worldschoolers

I’ve followed Asia Citro’s blog for a few years now (info at end of post). I found it when I was looking for fun, messy play activities I could recreate at home for my littles. Her younger child is right around the same age as my kiddos, so she has many safe, fun activities for very young kids (maybe not travel friendly, but these suggestions are).

Now, she’s also written a book series about a young scientist and her mom, who need to run experiments in order to help out magical creatures. It’s fantastic!

Okay, so I love it, but what do my kids think?

Two children holding open the Zoey and Sassafras book to a page about making a hypothesis

Illustration of a hypothesis within Dragons and Marshmallows.

The zoey and sassafRas book series

Full disclosure: I applied to be on the parent launch team, so I received free stuff, including an advance copy of the first book, Dragons and Marshmallows (affiliate link, yo and more information on that at the bottom of this post). No blog review was required in exchange. I’m writing this because the first book is so good and educational that I wanted my readers to hear about it! All opinions are mine.

In our educational journey (homeschooling/unschooling/worldschooling, whatever label you give it), I am always on the look out for fun and educational books, activities, and so forth. Zoey and her cat, Sassafras, discover her mom can see magical creatures! Not only that, these creatures will come to her mother for help when sick. While Zoey’s mom is out of town, Zoey takes over! Her first sick animal is a baby dragon. Zoey’s first question is what do baby dragons eat? She lays out the experiment. She chooses 7 different foods, measures out the exact same amount of each, and puts one food on each of 7 identical plates.

Zoey’s hypothesis is that dragons eat worms. She conducts the experiment and … well, I won’t ruin the surprise!

Dragons and marshmallows

Citro writes in an engaging way and clearly illustrates scientific concepts (like how to do an experiment). It’s simple enough that my 3 and 4 year olds are fascinated with this book. My 4 year old son, in particular, is captivated by the story and insists we read several chapters a night. We are already on our third time through. I didn’t think my kids were ready for chapter books. I’m so glad to be mistaken!

Two children, one holding a book and the other holding a pillow and pretending to be a marshmallow

One child wanted to be a marshmallow for this picture.

I’m also planning on buying the first three books for my 8 year old niece, because she’ll love it, too. I’m hoping that the series will be longer than three books, of course! Zoey is a great role model for both young girls and boys. When asked her favorite thing about the book, my 3 year old daughter said, “Zoey.”

hashtag stem

If you’re looking for an easy way to introduce scientific concepts, Dragons and Marshmallows (book one in the Zoey and Sassafras series) fits the bill. My children are eagerly awaiting the next book to come out!

That’s three thumbs up!

What books are your favorite treasures for young kids?

but wait, there’s more!

Innovation Press is also doing an awesome pre-order bonus! They write:

For every book that’s pre-ordered:
– we will donate a copy to First Book, a non-profit that provides books to children in need
– we will send a personalized bookplate (an autographed sticker made out to the child/children) that can be added to the book once it arrives
– a set of five character temporary tattoos
– a set of three character bookmarks

To receive your special bonus, email a copy, photo, or screenshot of your receipt to: info@theinnovationpress.com

Again, I wanted to pass this awesome offer on to you! It’s only available until the books come out in mid-March, 2017.


This post contains affiliate links. If you click them and make a purchase, I’ll receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. These payments help reduce costs of running this site. As always, even if you purchase elsewhere, I hope this review helps make your decision easier!

I appreciate you visiting today! 

Asia Citro’s blog is Fun at Home With Kids. While many things are too messy to do while traveling, there are many great ideas of fun projects to do at home!

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    • Natalie says:

      Hi Valerie! All three books are available for pre-sale right now on amazon. They all run about $5.99 a piece (when I last looked). It looks like they will be shipped mid-March.

      I have an affiliate link directly to the first book and the other two books will be easily found from there. I haven’t seen a “full set” advertised yet. Let me know if you have additional questions!

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