About Blissmersion

What is Blissmersion? Is that a made up word?

Yes. Yes, it is.

Blissmersion is a combination of bliss and immersion, something I believe can be achieved through travel. I love combined words almost as much as I love alliteration. Traveling can be bliss and with immersion in language and culture as the goal, Blissmerson was formed.

Quitting your job to travel full-time isn’t always a feasible or desirable option. This blog was born from the idea that you can do short term traveling and still be able to have a lovely cultural and educational experience and language immersion. Meeting new friends is always the goal, as well as all the learning opportunities along the way!

After I started Blissmersion, my family and I moved to Mexico for the ultimate in immersive experiences. Right now, I’m focused on Mexico and expat life, but the dream of slow travel isn’t gone, it’s merely on hold.