The Artwork in My Doctor’s Office is Better Than Yours

The three of us ended up with a long lasting virus, so we made a trek to a doctor’s office. Everyone is fine, thanks. I wanted to call to your attention a lovely trend I’ve noticed here. The artwork in my pediatrician’s office is incredible. Who else is going to tell you that?


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I looked at the ceiling

First, I looked up and noticed this piece painted directly on the ceiling. Obviously, I needed to snap a picture. The colors are some of my favorites. I studied it for about 30 seconds (all I was able to do with two restless kiddos in tow) and determined it was not a canvas hung on the ceiling. The ceiling IS the canvas!

Blue and green artwork on a ceiling

First, this ceiling mural.

Once inside our pediatrician’s office, there was a stunning this stunning piece. My life wouldn’t be complete without a picture of this one, either.

Painting of a redheaded woman, surrounded by shades of blue, yellow, and white. It's gorgeous.

May I have this in my house, please?

More Artwork Around Here

I’m not remotely qualified to be an art critic. All I know about art is whether I like something or not. Much of the art I’ve seen around here, like these pieces and while house hunting, is colorful and big. In fact, I’ve noticed that many people decorate their homes with bold, bright pieces that really appeal to me.

Here are a few examples of some of the lovely pieces that I saw (sadly, I didn’t take pictures of much of the artwork in the furnished houses while we were house hunting. I was taking pictures of the spaces since that’s what we needed at the time).

two large pieces of artwork, framed in black frames, both are pictures of fruit. There is a metal clock made out of utensils hanging in the background. There is also one dining chair,as this is a picture of the kitchen eating nook.

I really loved both these pieces.

a mural of London Bridge

This mural was painted on a wall in the first house we saw. I loved that house! Alas, my husband didn’t like it nearly as much as I did.

large purple flowers painted on a yellow and violet background.

This amazing piece was hanging in the house I’m renting, but alas, we couldn’t “rent it” with the house. It’s one of my favorites.

I always dream of filling my walls with art. When I was single and living alone in my condo, the closest I got was hanging quotable cards (like this) in matching frames and childrens’ artwork (I’ve done that here, too). Maybe here, I will be able to live my dream!

What’s your favorite type of artwork? Are you well versed in art or not?

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