One Year of Blissmersion: My First Anniversary!

Blissmersion’s first anniversary is here! I took a moment to reflect on my first official year blogging. Things have changed dramatically in one year. First, we had the real estate situation from hell (okay, it wasn’t THAT bad) and that put the kabosh on traveling. How on earth do you start a travel blog and then become unable to travel much?

Go Forth and Travel

We took a lot of weekend trips and overnights. In addition, we got passports for our children. We’d hoped to visit Chile in December, 2016, but we were unable to make that happen. I wrote about how to get an American passport for kids, because there is a lot of information, but nothing on the actual experience of doing it. I also told the real story of trying to get to the Post Office for our passport appointment.

Now you know we are moving to Mexico, which wasn’t expected at all when I started this blog. My husband and I had  repeatedly discussed moving to Japan, but that wasn’t meant to be at this time. I still have days where I’m struggling with the enormity of our decision to move to Mexico, but it’s happening. I was trying to get out of my comfort zone. And wow, did I ever! I am looking forward to blogging about these new experiences, as well. I’m sure I’ll do silly things and have a myriad of emotions about it and you’ll be able to read all about it here!

First anniversary! Queretaro, plane wing and a view of land from above.

First views of Queretaro!


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Fun fact

I actually published my first post on April 13, 2016. However, the domain name wasn’t working properly yet. Once that was all set up, I ended up publishing it on April 14 instead.

i went viral (sort of)

In February, I applied to be a part of the Parent Launch Team for the Zoey and Sassafras series, a science based series for children ages 5-9. However, my kids (at the time ages 3 and 4) also loved it. My review ended up going mini-viral!

I also had a fan girl moment when the author herself commented on my instagram account and posted my review on her blog.

Kind, kind words!


You can read my full review here. They really are excellent books and I highly recommend the series!

First Anniversary Thoughts

Blogging about travel makes me really happy. Many of the big bloggers say not to start a travel blog if you want to make money, because the pay off takes an incredibly long time. I hesitated to start because I would love to have an income from my blog and I wasn’t sure if that was my sole reason for starting it.

I started Blissmersion anyway.

And I’m so thankful that I did. Even though the big bloggers are right: there is virtually no money in your first year (or more) of blogging, the satisfaction of blogging is enormous. If you like to write, I highly encourage you to start your own blog. You can start one free on wordpress and see if you like it before committing to a domain name.

I jumped in with both feet because that’s what I do (committing to moving to a country I’ve never been to is another example). Regarding blogging, I have blogged before but more for private use. This blog is public and will hopefully inspire others to travel with their families and explore unusual educational opportunities.

Where we visited

In the USA:

– We took a road trip to Wisconsin (our first big road trip with kids)

-Vermilion, Ohio

-Newport, Kentucky and Cincinnati, Ohio

In Mexico:

– Queretaro and surrounding areas for house hunting (our first international trip with kids)

Popular posts

This post about the ethics of diving with stingrays has been surprisingly popular. Next, the tongue-in-cheek post about How to Pack for a Weekend Away with Kids is second in the rankings.

The 1877 Vermilion Lighthouse replica at sunset.

The 1877 Vermilion Lighthouse replica at sunset.

plans for year 2 of blissmersion

We plan to explore mostly Mexico for the next several months. In addition, we are hoping to get to Belize, Chile, Peru, Argentina, and possibly Antarctica (that last one is a dream destination that I don’t expect to visit for quite some time) while Queretaro, Mexico is our home base. It isn’t likely we will see all of those countries in one year. Flying with kids is strenuous. Especially since I always fly with car seats.

You can expect a lot of posts about Mexico in Blissmersion’s second year. I imagine that our travels will be confined to Mexico and the United States for awhile.

thank you

Most importantly, thank you! Without you sitting there reading this, I wouldn’t have the success I have today with Blissmersion.

Additional thank yous go to my three guest contributors Julie, Simone, and Andrew! Their posts always managed to come at dry times for me!

Do you have suggestions that year 2 of Blissmersion? What are your favorites types of posts to read?

2 thoughts on “One Year of Blissmersion: My First Anniversary!

  1. Julie says:

    Congratulations on your one-year anniversary! Time sure flies! I can’t wait to read more about your travels from your new home base in Mexico!

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