As An Expat, I Make Many Mistakes and That’s Okay

This week is the last week of school in Mexico. It actually ends on July 6 this year. A lot of people don’t even send their kids during the last week. This week, we had the prescolar ceremony with diplomas given on Monday. I put in my calendar that there is a graduation ceremony today after another different event in the morning.

Apparently, as is common, I was mistaken.

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Things You Need to Know Before Becoming an Expat

Congratulations, you’ve taken the plunge and immerse yourself into a new country.  Or, you’re thinking of becoming an expat. It’s so exciting! It won’t always be all ice cream and tacos, though. There are things to know in order to mentally prepare for and have a great expat experience in your new country.

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This is the Truth about Our First Visit to the USA

“It feels like I’ve woken up from a 7 month long dream,” I said, as we cruised through the cold, quiet streets of my Ohio hometown, heading towards my sister’s house. “I thought I’d feel weird.”

Yesterday we’d been driving through our town in Mexico around the same time in the evening. That also felt normal. Somehow, that now felt so far away. Do we really live in Mexico? Is that really our life? On the brightly lit salt covered roads, it felt like it was a lifetime away, instead of a mere 10 hours.

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This is What Happens When You Send a Text to the Wrong Person

When someone else sends a text to the wrong person, it’s hilarious. When I send a text to the wrong person, it’s also hilarious. However, first it’s mortifying.

Here’s what happened to me.

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This is Why We are Having More Wonderful Days In Mexico

Sometimes, a day or even a series of days turn out to be so fantastic that you look back with much fondness. Last month, I had a series of those wonderful days. I had four in a row, to be exact. Lately, I’ve had a few more. What made these days so great?

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We’re Planning Our First Christmas Vacation in the US

I’m excited that I’ll be visiting my family for Christmas vacation. Even though it seems like the time here is going quickly, it simultaneously feels as though I haven’t seen my friends and family in a really long time. Technology helps, but a live video chat still isn’t the same as a real hug. Nor is it the same as the kids being able to play with their cousins in person.

And we are making some crazy Christmas vacation plans, because we’ll be like tourists in our former home. Our Thanksgiving, however, will likely be pretty low-key.

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Kids Getting Sick While Traveling: First Aid Kit

Sometimes, you get sick on the road. In our case, before our first international flight with our children, one child was up all night throwing up the night before we left. What do you do if this happens? What should you bring with you on your travels? Should you carry a first aid kit?

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This is How We Celebrated Our First Day of the Dead

Mexico has many lovely holidays. Of course, I’ve heard of the Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos). In fact, friends of mine used to host a Day of the Dead party, which was my first foray into trying to gain an understanding. But I didn’t really understand. Now that I’m in Mexico, I will work towards understanding as well as I can. I came to Mexico to fully immerse in a different culture. Being an outsider, I can never be perfect. Even so, I am saying yes to invitations and trying to understand the important cultural and religious holidays. And eat more amazing food.

We have been welcomed into the traditions here, both in school and in peoples’ homes.

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