There Are Many Stray Dogs In Mexico and It Breaks My Heart

I’m usually empathetic, so there are things that hurt my soul such as various injustices, animal and child abuse, and so forth. I’m thankful to have come from a place that (mostly) values animals, so stray dogs or abandoned or abused animals can have a safe place to live (like humane societies, if forever homes aren’t quickly found).

There are things about Mexico that have made me have to have a hard heart. While many people here do have well cared for pets and many even have multiple pets, stray dogs are still abundant. And they need help.

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This is How We’ll Celebrate Our First Halloween in Mexico

I didn’t expect to celebrate Halloween once we were living outside of the United States. I had heard that there is trick-or-treating in the neighborhoods here in central Mexico, but it was mentioned in an offhand way, in passing, and sounded like it wasn’t a big deal. Obviously, the Day of the Dead is the big and special holiday at this time of year in Mexico. So, why am I writing a post about celebrating our first Halloween in Mexico?

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My First Email About Being Shocked by Culture Shock

The following is an excerpt of the first email I sent to a friend, when I was really struggling with all the newness of living in Mexico. I didn’t realize it, but I was culture shocked. At the time, we hadn’t been here for two weeks yet. I’ve added some updates to the text to highlight the changes that have happened in half a year.

Dear Beth,

How long did it take you to adjust to life in Mexico?

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5 Common Misconceptions About Being an Expat Family

I didn’t imagine I’d be living abroad or that I’d become an expat mom. Yet, here we are living our life abroad as an expat family.  Before I became an expat, there were things I was certain were true about expat life. I thought I’d move to Mexico, meet my new best friend right away, become conversational in Spanish in 3 months, and go skipping off into the sunset of a perfect life.

Yes, I seriously believed I’d be conversational in three months.

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A dandelion gone to seed, but still full with the sun directly behind the fluff.

The Storm Before the Calm

It’s a storm of activity around here and it won’t be calm until we are in Mexico. I think that’s normal. What isn’t normal is how poorly this move is going. Due to a malicious set of circumstances, everything major that needs to be done for our move is happening during the last two weeks of living in the USA.


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