Travel in Your Backyard: Carriage Hill Metro Park

Big thanks to Andrew for this awesome post about exploring in our own backyards.

Often when we think of travel we imagine ourselves far away from home. Usually hopping on a plane and going somewhere tropical but that doesn’t have to be the case. The truth is that adventure is always lurking in your back yard and often it’s affordable. Sure, it may not be as glamorous as a whirlwind European tour but sometimes you have to take what you can get. My backyard is Ohio so I hope to highlight some fun, affordable, and overlooked spots for you to visit. Continue reading

Is Newport Aquarium a Fun Adventure for Little Kids?

As usual, I wasn’t prepared for the trip, this time to Newport Aquarium. I packed twice the night before and once again in the morning, because every time I turned around, my two little humans were unpacking the suitcase and using it for a doll bed. I was worried I’d forget an essential item. And worse, I wondered would my kids enjoy the aquarium. Would I forget something? Did the kids have fun on our aquarium adventure? Did we go across the Newport Aquarium Shark Bridge?

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The Zip Line to Hell: An Exhilarating Adventure

Special thanks to Andrew for being our first guest contributor and sharing some of his adventures at the zip line to Hell (Louisville Mega Cavern) in Kentucky  (USA), the only fully underground zipline in the world.

Follow Taylor Avenue past a strip mall, fast food restaurants, ordinary homes and keep driving. Soon you’ll be winding through a business park and wondering if you’re in the right place.  It seems unlikely but nestled behind rows of  warehouses is a massive man made cavern with a zip line course.

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Wonder Woman leading the pack of rescue bots (all toys).

How To Pack for a Weekend Away with Kids

Going away for a weekend with your kids? Me, too! Here’s my detailed, tongue-in-cheek guide for how to pack when traveling with kids! Especially if you’re a disorganized mom like me. This is the reality of packing with kids.

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This is Vermilion: How to have an Awesome Vacation

“We have to go back. I forgot something,” I said, as we were pulling out of our driveway, toward Vermilion.

To his credit, my husband didn’t sigh or roll his eyes. He just turned the care around. Our destination was a small town on Lake Erie, only about 2 hours away. Vermilion, Ohio is a great little place . In fact, the town motto is “A Small Town on a Great Lake” and it’s true! It’s small, quaint, and adorable. Oh, there’s also a beach!

A beach vacation in Ohio?!


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All About Our First Big Roadtrip With Kids

MY PLAN for our first long roadtrip with kids: Leave for first leg of trip to Wisconsin at 8 am. Stay on the road until we are past Chicago. After that, get a hotel room and spend the night.

Remember when I wrote that I needed to lower my expectations when traveling? Yeah, I forgot to do that.
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How to Survive Traveling to a Wedding (with Kids!)

How do you survive a family wedding with kids? Traveling knocks you out of your routine, which is good and bad. You get the excitement of exploring new places and being away from your daily responsibilities. With kids, changing routine can cause a lot of distress. Here’s how to travel to a wedding and keep at least a tiny sliver of your sanity. Continue reading