These Are Some of the Cutest Hairstyles Ever

Most days, if everyone is dressed, fed, and teeth brushed, I’m feeling ahead of the game. Getting everyone’s hair brushed is like a bonus in the game of life. Not required, but boy, it looks nice! My daughter prefers to wear her hair down and loose and I don’t try to tame that preference, because it isn’t my hair. The only thing I insist upon is that it gets brushed somewhat regularly. Up until now, that’s about as much as she’d let me play with it, so I haven’t even tried any special hairstyles.

In Mexico, I’ve made an observation (it’s a generality, not an absolute). So many kids have amazing hairstyles. Boys and girls alike, even in casual settings like the mall, are styled and gelled. The girls’ styles are often intricate. I wonder, “how do they do it?”

Because this seems beyond my capabilities.

Warning: This post is picture heavy with really adorable hairstyles.

A little girl with a french braid, sitting on a swing

This is one of mine. It’s not too shabby.

What’s the key to these hairstyles?

My son’s spiky hair kind of naturally fits in with the current popular hairstyle for boys. One day, a week or two after school started, my daughter came home with a new hairstyle. The following day, she came home with another new hairstyle. It is now the norm and I suspect that someone at school really enjoys styling her hair (it turns out that’s true!)a braid across the top of a litle girl's head, with a big white bow in back.

I asked her if she liked it. She said yes. I asked her if it was okay with her that someone did her hair. She said yes. I reminded her that if she doesn’t want her hair done that she can say no. It’s her body and her hair.

And she continues to come home with new, neat and tidy hairstyles. Again, I wondered, “how?”

A little blonde haired girl, with her hair in two french braids, wearing white, green, and red flowers in her hair and a dress with the same colors.

The crown jewel of hairstyles. This style was for the celebration of Mexican Independence Day.

a side view of the blonde haired girl with french braids and the green, white, and red flowers in her hair

The side view of this art.

The answer is gel

My daughter’s hair is fine with many flyaways. I realized that her stylist at school was using a gel or pomade. Of course! The teacher who does her hair is also a talented hair artist. Many people appear to have this skill, judging by the amazing little girl hairstyles I see when I’m out and about. My daughter enjoys her hairstyles and the person who does her hair seems to enjoy it, as well.

I’ve had to up my hairstyle game, but I’m definitely still an amateur! Of course, my daughter doesn’t always want me to be the one styling her hair. I remember when my niece was little, she let me brush her hair all day long and wouldn’t let my sister touch it. My son is similar, he doesn’t usually want me to do anything to his hair, either.

the little blonde girl with three ponytails

This was a fun one to see. Three ponytails!

It’s kind of fun

Okay, it’s really fun. First, I love picking up my daughter to see what hairstyle she has each day. Second, she lets me style her hair sometimes. Third, I really wanted to write this post and highlight the hair artistry I’ve encountered here. Obviously, I can’t go around taking pictures of other’s kids, so the only representation is my daughter’s hairstyles.

Now, both kids will get into the gel and style their hair… but that’s part of life’s experiments, right?

Do your kids style or brush their own hair? Are you a hair artist or not (like me)?

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