This is How My Dogs Scared the Crap Out of Me While I Traveled

“Code red,” the text came through in Spanish, a few days before we were due to return to Mexico. The next bit, also in Spanish, freaked me out. My anxiety was rearing up and I was afraid my worst fears were coming true: that one of my dogs died a dramatically tragic death while we were visiting the USA.

Allie mordió a Rufus,” read the text.

The word “mordió” does not mean death, but holy crap my heart almost stopped while I waited for google translate to finish translating.

Oh, Allie bit Rufus. He’s okay. Nobody is dead. Phew.

But Rufus’s nose is bleeding.

A black lab is sleeping with one front paw around a teddy bear. Both dogs are great dogs!


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Thank goodness!

It was weird. My dogs have never bitten each other. As I made some plan B arrangements that I hoped would help the dogs’ stress levels, I wondered what brought about the bite and what we would do in the future.

I asked my neighborhood friend, who was back from her winter vacation, if she could check on my dogs. “They seem more relaxed this morning,” she reported the next day.

Luckily, we were nearing the end of our trip. My dog sitter sent me pictures of my dogs’ chilling on the couch daily after the incident. When I returned home, I inspected Rufus’s nose. There weren’t any puncture wounds. I suspect that Rufus got too close to Allie while eating and she snapped at him as a warning. I think she accidentally bonked him on the nose, causing his nose to bleed.

A bulldog named Rufus, jumping up on the arm of his favorite person (my husband)!

This is Rufus.

Crazy Dogs, I worry about you

The dogs are back to their normal, goofy selves. They are playing together, just as they always have. I’m chalking this up to them being stressed because we were away so long. In addition, I pondered what I can do better next time we travel.

First, I realized that the open kennel concept which is available for pet care here definitely isn’t a good option. That many dogs who don’t know each other and can’t get away from each other would be really stressful for my dogs. Second, I realized that shorter trips are going to be on our horizon when our expat friends move back to the US. The third option would be to find someone who can stay in our house while we are away (it is difficult to find a person for this position, as it would have to be someone we know well).

What care do you provide for your pets while you are traveling? Do you take them with you?


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