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9 Travel Blogs You Should Be Reading (Besides This One)

There are probably a zillion travel blogs out there and with all kinds of different focuses. I decided to round up my favorites and share them with you! Each have a different focus than this blog, but as I’ve gleaned so much information (and great stories) from them, they are all worth a look!

The following blogs will make you want to get your passport and hop on the first plane out of town! I know I have added many destinations to my list of “wanna-go-there” thanks to the bloggers below. Start your trip research here!


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A wave from the Pacific Ocean is rolling in during the sunset in Puerto Vallarta.

This is one of my favorite pictures from our trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. My pursuit of travel was inspired by some of the travel blogs below!

Never Ending Footsteps

I actually read Lauren Juliff’s book How Not to Travel the World (and it’s SO good) before I found her blog. Her take on travel, all the incidents, and her anxiety really spoke to me. The only difference is that I was much too terrified to embark on a solo trip outside the country way back when. I really felt that if she could do it, then I probably could, too. And while traveling solo isn’t on my radar right now, she does really cool things that I enjoy reading about, like climbing a mountain up to a lava lake in the DRC. Yes, the DRC. She’s a badass. She’s currently my #1 blog and I check her page regularly for new posts.

She has an extensive list of countries she’s visited and you can get a good feel about the safety of a place from her. In addition, she talks a lot about anxiety and how she’s managed to conquer it through travel (she also has a course available on this subject)!

Travel for Stamps

Tifanee is a licensed attorney from Texas who also loves to travel. Recent health problems have hindered some of her travel plans, but still she travels when she can! Her photos and stories will move you, too. If you want to be inspired, visit Travel for Stamps.


Matt Kepnes’ site was one of the first I stumbled upon when I started searching for travel blogs. He’s been traveling for a decade and was nomadic for a large part of that time. This site is an amazing resource for travel hacking (using points from things like credit cards to book flights, for example). He has so much information on his site and about so many different travel topics  (from safely traveling as LGBQT to city/country guides to how to save money for your own trips), it’s worth it to start your destination research there.

A Dangerous Business

Amanda Williams is an Ohio native, just like me. Maybe that’s what led to me sticking around her site. While she writes about exotic destinations, she also writes about places that used to be local to me in Ohio. One of her favorite places in the world is New Zealand, which is near the top of my wishlist of places I want to visit. She has also never been nomadic, to which I can totally relate. She likes to return home to her kitty. Again, I can relate!

The British Berliner

I recently discovered the British Berliner and she’s awesome. Since I’ve started reading, she’s taken a bus around Europe, met prince William and Kate Middleton, and some guy from Game of Thrones (I don’t watch it, but it’s still cool). She is a powerhouse of spunk and smarts.  I’d love to travel with her!

Lili’s Travel Plans

I don’t follow her as frequently as the others listed, but her writing is amazing. She doesn’t post as often, but when she does, it’s often a spellbinding story and makes you feel all the feels. If you love long form stories, this is the blog to visit! She also recently became nomadic, which is pretty cool.

Heart My Backpack

Silvia was born in the US and now makes Norway her home. While I also don’t follow her as frequently as the others in this post, one post in particular intrigued me: she has visited Iran as a solo traveler! She traveled there under her Norwegian passport (dual citizen). It might have been the final thing that hit home to me about our world: that it isn’t so dangerous as the media would have you believe.

She also has a section on blogging that I love!

Adventuring the Great Wide Somewhere

Beth is another non-nomadic writer and she has a particular passion for Paris . Her posts are in diary format and more intimate than some blogs. She recently started a feature of “life lately” because her major focus in 2017 is her upcoming wedding! She is still blogging about travel, too, including the super secret location of her honeymoon.

The Girl and Globe

Becky is a SightDOER instead of a sightseer.  She has an extensive blog with a lot of information and stories about the places she’s visited. She’s been to a lot of places and you can check out her destinations page to find the posts that most appeal to you.

I hope you enjoy these travel blogs as much as I do. I find all of these bloggers inspiring and their posts are filled with wonderful imagery and information. Go forth, travel, and take the kids!

What travel blogs would you add to this list?


2 thoughts on “9 Travel Blogs You Should Be Reading (Besides This One)

  1. Victoria @The British Berliner says:

    Aww! Thanks so much for featuring me Natalie. I’m very honoured, and pleased that you’re !

    Apart from myself, I know four of the others, and they’re wonderful bloggers. I’ll definitely be checking out the ones that I don’t!
    p.s. I’d love to travel with you too! 😀

    • Natalie says:

      Awww, thank you! I will make it back to Europe at some point. I’ll let you know if I’m ever near Berlin. There is actually a distinct possibility that I would visit Germany on a European Extravaganza!

      I hope you enjoy the other blogs! There’s at least one more I *just* discovered that I might have to add.

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