Fort Lauderdale in Florida. I am sitting inside a car with the sunshine shining on my face.

Florida Sunshine in My Face

Skybus was so cool. I got some cheap flights to a few places and I wish now that I’d traveled more with Skybus. Hindsight is 20/20, as the saying goes. In 2007, I took the leap and  bought a ticket to visit my friend in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I can’t remember the exact price,  but It was low, probably around $40.  I’m proud of Past Me for taking the leap!

Fort Lauderdale in Florida. I am sitting inside a car with the sunshine shining on my face.

Florida sunshine on my face. I was very happy here!


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DivIng into the Florida SUNSHINE

I did it! I took the leap! It was an easy leap to make, though. I had a friend who was thrilled I was visiting and the feeling was mutual. It was easier to do because my friend invited me – for whenever I could find a good deal.

We went swimming, diving, and sightseeing. I took selfies. I posted them on MySpace, because it was that long ago! Actually, I had to take screenshots of my MySpace pictures because it won’t let me download them. Those early selfies are a hoot!

A picture of me smiling, after spending an hour swimming in the ocean.

This was after spending an hour in the ocean! These selfies and a few diving pictures are all I have of this trip! I’m glad I have them.

The best part about this particular trip was that it was incredibly relaxing. My friend picked me up from the airport and we went directly to the beach. The ocean makes me feel incredibly happy. To hang out with a local is magical because they know the best places to go. He took me to his favorite bar, his favorite places to eat, his favorite parks, and his favorite diving spots. All I had to do was go along for the ride.

A picture of the US flag on a ship underwater. It was taken while diving the Tracey.

US flag on the Tracey.


So, take a leap! If someone faraway sincerely asks you to visit, try it! Even if they don’t live in the usual vacation destination, there will be amazing little gems you weren’t expecting and memories that last. Or, take a leap on a great flight deal. Chances are good of finding someone through social media who is a friend of a friend that could offer some “local” advice.

Trust. Go!

Where in the world was your most relaxing vacation?

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