Time Turner from Harry Potter

Harry Potter and the Grateful and Excited Muggle World

While I love the Harry Potter books and movies, I cannot even begin to imagine the stage play (you’d think after years of practice with acting in plays, I could, but nope. Maybe this is why I haven’t embarked on a career in directing). What’s more, I can barely wrap my head around the fact that JK Rowling wrote an Harry Potter stage play. It blows my mind!

Don’t worry, there are NO SPOILERS AHEAD. I promise.


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Harry Potter and the Adult Who Didn’t get her Hogwarts Letter

I was disappointed when I heard that Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was going to be a play. I felt deflated. After all, I can’t apparate or use floo powder to travel to London . The thespian in me rejoiced that plays may rise in popularity again. The muggle part wondered if I’d get to see it. It felt like all the times I realized that I wasn’t going to get a letter from Hogwarts.

You know, every time a movie ended and I realized I’m an adult with responsibilities.

Then, I heard that J. K. Rowling was going to come out with a book after all! I ordered it back in January. Then, I had to put it out of my mind, for waiting is sometimes so difficult! Maybe my Time Turner could’ve helped*.

*Please note, it is only a replica and not the real thing.

Playing with the time turner from Harry Potter

Playing with the Time Turner. She is as intrigued with time travel as I am.

I’m a muggle girl, in a muggle world

This tale doesn’t end today with me telling you I’m in London and seeing the Harry Potter stage play tonight. I am a muggle girl, in a muggle world, after all. My pre-ordered copy isn’t even coming until August 3 (WHAT’S UP WITH THAT, AMAZON?!) It actually came on August 2nd. While reading plays used to be commonplace in my life (hello, theatre degree), I haven’t read one in awhile. This is the first time I’ve been a fan of the HP series when a new book was coming out and it’s exciting to be a part of the hubbub, even if I didn’t wait in line to buy my copy at midnight. I do have kids. Kids who I hope will one day experience the wonders of Harry Potter along with me.

Time Turner from Harry Potter

A close up of the Time Turner. It’s from one of my favorite movies of the franchise and a gift from my lovely friend, Chevonne.

One can travel to London to see the Harry Potter stage play

Even when there is a huge letdown when you finish the books (or movies) and realize you aren’t actually part of that world. Worse, you can’t be. You can only hope J.K. Rowling’s incredible imagination will keep on producing such amazing and wondrous things for you to devour.

Have you ordered your copy of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by J.K. Rowling? Are you going to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in London? Are you an adult waiting for your Hogwarts letter?


2 thoughts on “Harry Potter and the Grateful and Excited Muggle World

    • Natalie says:

      I loved it. I purposely avoided any commentary on the book until I read it and even then, I’ve only read one thing that pointed out plot holes and such.

      I also couldn’t have picked a better picture for this post and it was dumb luck!

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