This is the Sweet Surprise of Hippo Sweat and Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a serious pain my butt. Why can’t humans make their own slimy sun protectant, like hippos? Yes, hippos really do make their own sunscreen! I learned this on Wild Kratts. People call it hippo sweat (or blood-sweat because of the deep red color), but it’s actually a secretion that also acts as an antibiotic! Hippos are seriously cool. Dangerous as hell, but cool!


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On Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a necessary evil. I’m a big fan of sunshine and spending a few minutes in the morning sun to get some vitamin D. However, too much sun isn’t a good thing. I’ve already sunburnt my face 3 times this year due to not planning ahead for my sun exposure. Luckily, they were mild sunburns. As much as I’m trying to grow old gracefully, I also don’t want to damage my skin and look older than I am (spoiler alert: I already look and feel my age).

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Toys, including Chase from Paw Patrol, Dr. Morocco from Rescue Bots, a hippo front and center, a giraffe. Also, hiding in the tall grass is a lion!

Toys. Because hippopotamus. I’ve never seen a hippo in real life!

We’ve been using Badger sunscreen, which I purchased last year thinking it was the best at the intersection of price and safety, according the EWG. It’s a good product and smells awesome.

Then, someone on a parenting forum asked about and easy to use sunscreen and babyganics spray came up. I tried it. My kids enjoy getting the sunscreen sprayed on them far more than they liked getting the thick sunscreen applied from a bottle. The Badger sunscreen I use has a score of 1. However, the Babyganics spray has a score of 3 on the EWG. Both types don’t rub in well and there is white residue left on the skin. This doesn’t bother me or my kids, but be aware!

Need more information? Check out the safest sunscreen for kids!

Reapply Often!

There is concern that people aren’t using enough of the spray on sunscreens, so apply heavily and reapply often! The Babyganics spray on sunscreen is pump action and will need to be rubbed into the skin for better coverage. Also, be note if you are traveling with solid sunscreen that it is also often under applied. I repeat: apply heavily and reapply often!

Arizona horseback riding in August (of mumble mumble year). I sure hope I was wearing sunscreen!

Horseback riding near Phoenix, Arizona. It was August. My friend told me to bring jeans. I said, “it’s 100 degrees in the shade. You want me to wear WHAT?” He was right. I thanked him for making me wear those jeans! No scrapes for this girl!

On Traveling

I haven’t done as much traveling as I’d have liked. While single, I didn’t know people traveled solo and very few friends had any money for adventures. I always hoped I’d travel one day.

Isn’t that a sucky way to live? The “one day, I’ll do xyz”? It worked perfectly well until I had kids and doing xyz is much more challenging and more expensive. Yet, once I had kids, I realized that I want to travel the world with them.  It will take time to save for the big trips I’m planning in my head. Just like you, we have expenses and the occasional money drain pop up.

New Orleans.

New Orleans. We saw this band several times and the singer invited me up to dance on stage! This picture is also from what feels like a million years ago. I was ever so much younger then…

In fact, I’m currently sitting in my hot house, waiting for the air conditioner repair person. I’m sweaty. Both dogs are having some issues and one dog spent the day at the vet’s office  (partially due to our current lack of air conditioning).  These are the choices we have made. Animals, a mortgage, and children. All t it takes a little more time to save for travel, at least air travel. Animal boarding is also costly, so it takes even more time to save up for them to have a place to stay. I also have been creative and planned beach trips to the near by Great Lakes, skipping Bonaire for another year or two (or more).

The 1877 Vermilion Lighthouse replica at sunset.

The 1877 Vermilion Lighthouse replica at sunset. This photo was featured on ig_ohio!

A Touch of Sadness At Month’s end

Our cat, Ernie, passed away unexpectedly on July 30th. It has been a learning experience for the kids, the four year old in particular. He’s been busy processing the information of death and what that means. Ernie had been determined healthy at his previous vet appointment. Maybe he was older than we thought and died of natural causes. Pets have a profound impact on us and their loss is felt by all members of the family. Between the dogs being sick and losing Ernie, it has been an emotional month.

Monthly Stats

Miles traveled: approximately 305 miles

Beds slept in: 4

Visited: Vermilion, Ohio and spent another weekend at my sister’s house

Air conditioners repaired: 1

Top instagram photo:

Vermilion sunset.

Trying to take some pictures of the Vermilion sunset. I also wanted some nice pictures of my daughter, but this was the best I could get!

What was your favorite destination in July? Did you have any setbacks or obstacles to overcome? Have you ever seen a hippo in real life? Was it at a zoo or in the wild?

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