This is How to Go On Local Adventures with Kids

It sounds so easy, but even local adventures can be a daunting task to plan. After all, toting around your toddlers and ALL THE THINGS you need when you go to your usual places gets tiring. How do you on a local adventure with kids?


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A pony says hi from behind the fence.

A pony says hi from behind the fence.

This month was all about staying local

We did a lot of new things this month. We visited a small airport, three new parks, our cousins, and a farm! The kids road ponies for the first time, went fishing, and on a hayride.

Everyone should explore their hometown and surrounding areas, right? That’s exactly what we did.

a little boy faces a small plane in the background, some of our local adventures

A private jet at our local airport. It was the first time my kids visited an airport and not only did they see airplanes up close, they both got to sit inside one!

Here’s how to prepare for your own local adventures!

First, if you have toddlers like I do, you already know to bring extra diapers, clothes, and snacks. If you’re planning on exploring over an hour away from home, it wouldn’t hurt to bring rain or snow boots additionally. Rain boots can be used to help keep feet dry if you come upon a creek in your travels.

Second, pack a lunch or plan for a stop during your journey. Snacks will not be enough. My kids won’t always eat their lunch, but if I don’t pack one, they are suddenly starving. Always bring extra food.

Third, find that place or activity that you’ve always wanted to try with your kids. This month, we went to Marmon Valley Farm, around an hour away. We got to see different kinds of animals, go on a hayride, and ride ponies!

Scared to travel with kids? Conquer that fear!

First time fishing! It was catch and release. We didn't catch anything.

First time fishing! It was catch and release. We didn’t catch anything.

I love the antici-pation!

A day-trip to somewhere new that’s only a few hours away fills me with almost as much anticipation as a big trip does. Okay, maybe only half as much,  but it is still satisfying, fun, and we all learn interesting things. My newly turned 3 year old found her climbing legs. My newly turned 4 year old can heat up his own pizza using the microwave.

“He’s ready for college,” I said to my husband.

Take the kids

Go forth and travel, friends! How do you get the excitement of traveling into daily life? Even if they are “only” local adventures. Baby steps toward a goal are still propelling you forward!

Here’s a video I made during one of our excursions!




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