What Happens in Vegas Stays There… Except My Vegas Shoes, Baby!

A million years ago, I went to Las Vegas with my parents. I was 19 (for those into the math, that makes me 1,000,019 years old). First and foremost, I must tell you that I bought my “Vegas” shoes there and I still love every inch of them. They are sitting in storage in Ohio because they don’t really fit anymore. I also bought a Vegas dress that is now so out of style. I actually donated it around 6 years ago. It didn’t fit anymore either.

Those were my souvenirs from Las Vegas, Nevada, but my memories include things I couldn’t bring home: great memories.

You know, the usual with travel!


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The Lights of Las Vegas

My parents went because my father had to go to a conference. They took me because I really wanted to go and my mom wanted someone with whom to go on adventures. Obviously, we also did some shopping.

There were two highlights of this trip that are glued into my memories, even though the entire trip was great.

The Grand Canyon, as seen from the time I visited Phoenix, Arizona.

Flying over the Grand Canyon

My mom and I got to fly in a tiny plane over the Grand Canyon. It was amazing. Two things would’ve made it better. First, if my mom and I had been on the same plane! I’m not sure why they split up the only mother/daughter combination, but they did. My mom landed first and hugged the heck out of me when I debarked after my plane landed.

Second, I spent the first 15-20 minutes in awe of the amazing views. Then, I felt sick for the remainder of the approximately 50 minute ride. This type of thing is probably once in a lifetime for me (it is rather expensive), so that is a bit of a bummer.

Seeing Penn & Teller

First, we saw a traditional Vegas style show (it was called Jubilee!) Then, we saw Penn & Teller. I loved it and had a great time. On the way out of the theatre, we got TO MEET THEM. Shut the front door, it’s true!

So yes, I’ve heard Teller speak!

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What brings this up old memory?

Someone recently asked about visiting a few different US cities. All of a sudden, these memories came flooding back into the front of my brain. I’ve realized that I’d love to visit Las Vegas again soon!

This time, I’ll take my kids!

Have you visited Las Vegas, Nevada? Have you taken your family? Do you want to visit?

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2 thoughts on “What Happens in Vegas Stays There… Except My Vegas Shoes, Baby!

  1. Victoria @TheBritishBerliner says:

    What a funny post Natalie!

    Yes, I’ve visited Las Vegas & yes, we took our son who was then 9 years old! Vegas was part of our West Coast Road Trip and our first experience in America, so of course, we were obviously going to take him with us!

    Ha! Ha! Vegas was something else, but I was prepared and asked our travel agent to book a non-smoking, off-strip hotel, which she did. Our apartment hotel was huge, even included a jacuzzi, and was just $100 per night. I couldn’t believe it could be that cheap, as we could still see all the excitement out on the terrace, but without being a part of it!

    We went to loads of family-friendly shows, had brunch at Bellagio’s, and even had adult-only time at the Golden Palace Casino where I lost $100, won $50, and lost that on the roulette table that I was playing for the first time, but I was OK with that!

    We were in America for a month and went to California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and 5 National Parks!

    • Natalie says:

      Victoria, that sounds like a wonderful trip! I haven’t been to Las Vegas in 20 years, but I’d absolutely take the kids. I think going to the National Parks in the west would also be awesome!

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