This is Why Adventure is Worthwhile

Adventure is worthwhile, according to Aesop. Traveling is an adventurous pastime, of course. I’d go on to argue that families should take regular adventures together. Yes, this includes local travel and staycations!

*Gulp* Does that mean taking the kids?


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Go on an adventure and take the kids!

Kids are the ultimate adventurers. Their imaginations are bigger and more creative than an adult’s. Even taking a day trip or a trip to a new park can spur fantastic play stories and activities for kids. If you’re stuck in a rut, look for something new that’s local, even if it means driving a few minutes longer than you normally would. Or try that activity you’ve been putting off.

That gymnastics open gym time for toddlers? Go! A local kids’ art class? Yep, that counts, too!

Adventures make life extraordinary! Whether you are traveling to the far corners of the earth, moving to another country, or just staying local.


The Instagram most liked picture in May:

Travelin' Man, the t-shirt!

Travelin’ Man, the t-shirt!

I want one! Maybe it should say “Travelin’ Mom” for me. And make it a tank top!

Miles traveled

Lots, but it was all local travel to local places! We had music classes, volunteered for our local babywearing group fundraiser (that I co-founded), played at a local splashpad, visited our cousins and then had them over for a sleepover, and had an adventure or two in a few new-to-us parks. New local discoveries are fun!

This picture is from a local park with a cool bridge!

This picture is from a local park with a cool bridge!

Other news

Our family travel plan in jeopardy this year due to some circumstances that are out of our control. What does it mean for us? It means I’ll be spending a lot of time discovering new things about my own city. If our financial circumstances work themselves out quickly, we can still take a vacation this year.

I’m excited for both possibilities, as there is a slim chance our original plan can still be realized during the original time frame. It may also come to fruition at a later date!

We also had a birthday this month! Wall E was a gift for my now 4 year old! In the background, you can see one of our dogs and my son riding his bike. Two reasons we aren't quitting our jobs for travel just yet.

We had a birthday this month! Wall-E was a gift for my now 4 year old son! In the background, you can see one of our dogs standing around and my son riding his bike. Also featured, a baby pine cone that my almost 3 year old found on the ground.

A white goat, poking it's head through the wire fence, sticks out it's tongue. A black goat, to the right, watches with an eye roll. It was another local adventure this month.

One of my favorite pictures from the month. We visited a country store nearby, only to discover they had animals on site!

Highlights from the blog:

This is Why I Write About Celiac Disease was the most popular post this month. May is Celiac Disease Awareness month and I’m hoping to make a positive difference for those with celiac. We can still travel!

Surviving a Hurricane on Grand Cayman Island was my favorite post! It was a lot of fun to remember that vacation, even though we did experience a hurricane!

What did you do in May? Did you go anywhere new, locally or globally?

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