I’m Moving to Another Country in 2 Months?!

What’s a mom to do when she finds out she is moving to another country in 2 months?!

Panic, that’s what.

I mean, breathe. She breathes. In and out, slowly. And certainly, she is not panicking.

The inside of a church in Mexico. We are moving to another country!

There will be cool and beautiful things to see in Mexico!

we are really moving to another country!

When I wrote Would You Move Abroad, I thought it wouldn’t actually happen. My husband was pursuing a career opportunity in Mexico, but things moved so slowly that I was full of doubt. Previous opportunities to move abroad had dissipated into nothing.

What I didn’t expect was how quickly the company would move us once my husband was hired for the position. Three months total, folks. Three months. Not only do we have to clean, sort, throw, donate, and fix things at our house, we also have to make one trip to Mexico before moving. My husband has to make an additional one. It’s going to be a very busy time for us. It is now less than two months away! And we’ve completed all trips associated with the move.


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I started with my closet. I’ve already donated 12 pairs of shoes. Three trash bags full of clothing (and a few toys) were also easy to sort out and donate. Moving to another country really puts the amount of stuff you want to save into perspective.

We will be there for 3 years. Clothes for the kids will be too small, if they aren’t going with us. Clothing I haven’t worn for well over a year doesn’t need to go. It also doesn’t need to be stored stateside for that long!

The advantage of moving with our company is that it is a limited engagement, so they will store large household items (and various knick knacks) while we are out of the country (though I imagine this varies by company). Oh, they take care of visas, too. Yay!


Panic.  Um, no, don’t do that. Spend time with friends and family. Everything is now limited. I am nostalgic when wandering around this house and property. I’m nostalgic for my daily routine, which will shortly be changing dramatically.

When my children were much younger, I paced the bedroom endlessly, while trying to lull them to sleep. They were in a carrier, usually on my back. On the days when it seemed so endless, I told myself that one day it will end. I may not even realize their last time in a carrier is the last time. And whenever people talk about babies and bad habits, I’m sad for the baby and also the parent who believes that babies can have bad habits. Those sweet little moments don’t last forever. And those “bad habits” don’t, either.  My kids are rarely in a carrier anymore and certainly don’t fall asleep on my back. I may have already paced in the bedroom with a sleepy child on my back for the last time.

A view of Queretaro, Mexico, from high up on a mountain.

A view of Queretaro, Mexico.


I have never done anything so adventurous in my life. I have never even considered living in Mexico. Or really anywhere (other than maybe Paris , because it’s Paris).

Before I met my husband, I considered moving to Chicago. Not seriously. The idea popped into my head one day and I thought it over. It is close enough to my family that I wouldn’t feel so far away. I could probably find a similar job I had here. Then, I realized I would still be me, only in a larger and unfamiliar city. The things that were bothering me about myself wouldn’t go away or change.

Ch ch ch changes

What’s different about me today? I have children. I want to show them the world. In addition, my partner is a bit more adventurous than I am and has already lived in several places around the world. We also want to do these things before our bodies start crapping out on us. Our parents are still in reasonably good health, even if one set may not be able to travel to visit us.

Last year, we had hoped to move to Japan, but that opportunity never materialized. This is also why I was cautiously hopeful about Mexico. And I still can’t believe it!

I only have two months left to live in the US. Then, I’m moving to another country. Whoa!

Have you ever moved out of your home country? Why? Would you consider a big move to another country?

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