A dead scorpion and I cannot handle this.

My First Run In with a Scorpion that Was Not a Scorpion

It’s way too early for this. Except, there’s no good time to meet your first scorpion, is there?

In case it isn’t obvious, the answer is no. Emphatically.

Update at the bottom of the post, so enjoy this in all its paranoid glory!

The kids are running around screaming at each other and conducting sneak attacks. The house echoes because it’s large and still mostly empty. The crying and screaming is driving me nuts.

So I open the sliding door to the patio

“Go outside!” I say to the children. I catch movement in the track of the sliding door.  It looks like a white-ish translucent spider with a little bit of red. I close the door and get the bug killing spray.

As I’m walking back to my sliding door, I think about what I saw.  At one point, I caught a glimpse of pincers. That might not be a spider. What would be that white color and have pincers, I wonder.


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A memory comes to the front of my brain

Ale (Ah-lay), our local relocation person, said that if you ever get stung by a scorpion, try to get a glimpse of it. There are black scorpions and white ones and they have different venom. “Actually, the black scorpion venom isn’t as bad as the white scorpion, even though it looks so much scarier,” she said.

A dead scorpion and I cannot handle this.

Update: though it was previously positively identified as a scorpion by someone other than myself, it has been correctly identified (see below).

“Is it a scorpion?” I wonder. I check my spray. It kills cockroaches, some other bugs, and yes! It also kills scorpions.

I open the sliding door. The bug in question skitters far enough into the track that I can’t really see it.

I spray the everliving daylights out of that scorpion

Um, can I go home now? I’m not equipped to deal with scorpions. I couldn’t even look for stock photos of scorpions without the hair on my arms standing up on end. My little scorpions-do-not-actually-live-near-my-house bubble is shattered.

Do you live in a place with scorpions and have advice for a scorpion newbie?


I saw a second, larger one of these creatures two days later, in my pantry. When they are alive, they strongly resemble scorpions, except they have thicker bodies. I was so freaked out that I scheduled a fumigation. A fumigation that I don’t need because these creatures are called Camel Spiders and are completely harmless. Scary AF, but harmless. Yep, I’m acting ridiculous and I know it.

My brain is struggling with the bugs here. Mexico: Giant Effing Spiders. Mexico: the Mosquitoes are In the House! At least there are a lot less cockroaches in the house because we covered all of the drains.

Irrational fears make me attractive

“You’re freaking out, aren’t you?” My husband asks. I nod. I can’t help it – my rational mind knows I’ll eventually become used to it, but I’m currently experiencing an irrational fear of finding scorpions or camel spiders inside my house.

But scorpion stings can be fatal, so how irrational is it really?

“I love you so much,” my husband says. Apparently, I’m adorable when I’m unreasonably freaked out. So adorable that he repeated it. It was really sweet.

And we cancelled the fumigation.

Have you ever had to deal with bugs that fall way outside of your comfort zone?

2 thoughts on “My First Run In with a Scorpion that Was Not a Scorpion

    • Natalie says:

      I don’t feel mentally prepared yet! I am on the lookout now. They get worse in July and August, so I thought I wouldn’t see any for another few months.

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