Procrastination Rears Its Ugly Head… Again

Hi. My name is Natalie and I’m a procrastinator. I am full of procrastination.

“Hi Natalie,” an imaginary group chants back, in chorus.

“And a worrier,” I add, to be candid.

We are leaving tomorrow for our first vacation in a year and I haven’t even started packing yet. Seriously, how I could forget? I may have been a little too obsessed with getting tacos for dinner (and they were SO worth it as I can’t get enough tacos).

We will set out for sunny Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in the morning, with a quick overnight in Guadalajara on the way over. Travel blogger be traveling; you know I’m excited!

Anxious mom be traveling; you know I’m a bit worried, too!

A statue of an octopus raised up on an artistic pole of sorts

There is a lot of art in the Old Town/Romantic Zone of Puerto Vallarta.

My First (and Second) Airbnb Experience

I booked my Puerto Vallarta accommodations through Airbnb (referral link, if you sign up using this link we both get $40!) I picked a nice place, made sure it had a pool and was close to the beach. The host emailed and said the pool was under construction for the next several months. I sadly cancelled the (very reasonably priced) apartment. I booked another place after making sure at least one of the pools was in working order.

The host accidentally double booked me. After some hassle (nothing major at all, just me feeling the need to cover all of my bases), I ended up accepting the host’s offer to stay in a different, not quite as nice looking apartment that is supposedly in the same complex. I will say that I am currently pleased with Airbnb’s customer service. And I’m hoping that because the host has many good reviews that we will be happy with the accommodations.

I do feel some trepidation about the trip and I’m not positive that I did the right thing by accepting the cheaper, not-as-nice place. I really don’t need to hear a lot of “blab blah blah” crap from my family. Or myself.

A green mountain against a blue sky. Sometimes it feels like I have to climb a mountain because of my procrastination

Sometimes, it feels like I have to climb a mountain because of my procrastination.

A Bunch of Firsts

Even with that light, niggling feeling that the apartment could be a nightmare, I know there will be wonderful things about this trip: it will be my children’s first time to see an ocean! I’ve heard that the surf in PV can be rough, though. That’s one reason why we had to have a pool available!

Rough ocean surf, no pool, and traveling with young children who are trapped inside? That sounds like my idea of hell.

I cant wait to try different restaurants, see somewhere new, and swim in the ocean! It’s been 6 years, friends. I’m a big fan of saltwater and beaches. And while Mexican food is far more varied than just tacos, I could eat a lot of tacos here and be very happy.

A picture of a black pillow, with city names, like Pairs, London, Istanbul, and New York written in shiny black on it.

This wonderful pillow was in our Airbnb.

by the time you read this…

I will have beat the procrastination bug by packing and not forgetting a single thing (but really, Mexico has stores where you can buy things, so it isn’t a big problem if I do) and we have discovered that our Airbnb host and accommodations are fantastic. Well, the host already seems nice, but as the song goes, “nice is different than good” (any musical theatre fans get the reference?)

As great as bad travel stories are, I’d rather skip the bad and get the relaxation.

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