5 Reasons Travel is Sweeter than Christmas Morning

It’s Christmas day, so what better time to discuss the virtues of travel? Especially since plane tickets are on my wish list this year. I’m currently in the US with my family, opening presents and enjoying the joyful sounds of my kids playing with their cousins.

So why is travel sweeter than Christmas morning?


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One: Anticipation

If you celebrate Christmas, there is one day each year where you run downstairs anticipating the most amazing day. When you travel, each destination brings about the same anticipation and excitement. It isn’t limited to one day per year, though. It will happen every time you travel, especially if it’s a new destination!

Two: Happiness

Planning and anticipating a vacation is proven to increase happiness! That happiness increase happens every time you plan a vacation.

Three: Leaving Your Comfort Zone

Travel takes you out of your comfort zone. Sometimes, holidays involve seeing relatives that bring out the worst in you. This can be uncomfortable. Though travel takes you out of your comfort zone, it’s a learning and growing experience, unlike dealing with crazy Aunt Sally*, who always asks why you haven’t had more kids yet or aren’t you done having kids yet? You can’t win with Aunt Sally, but you can travel.

And while you’re enjoying the beach, you can skype with Aunt Sally and tell her to suck it. Errr, that was static! I love you, really, yeah…

*I don’t have an Aunt Sally

Four: Visiting Different Climates

If you come from a cold climate, you can visit somewhere warm. Get some vitamin D from the sunshine you’re soaking in (while wearing an appropriate level of sunscreen for your skin type) and breath in fresh air that doesn’t freeze your nostril hairs.

Five: Seeing Friends & Family

Traveling can reunite you with friends and family you do want to see (sorry, Aunt Sally). Make that trip. See that friend. Social media and video chatting aren’t quite the same.

I hope you have a safe, merry, and wonderful holiday season! Did you visit family or spend time in a new destination?

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