The Tale of Two Suitcases (Sand and Snow)

We are going to the beach on Saturday for four days! If that isn’t exciting enough for me, we turn around and leave 4 days later for Ohio. Wheeeee! My suitcases are packed!

Sort of.

As you can tell, I’m really excited about both trips. There is one crazy, small, even tiny little thing I have to think about… the extreme weather differences of the two locations. It’s going to be in the mid-80s F in Ixtapa (Mexico) and, if we’re lucky, the mid-30s F in Ohio (USA).

Surprisingly, this huge difference will make packing easier. We’ll need shorts for Ixtapa. For Ohio, we’ll need pants and winter jackets. My suitcases will look a lot different!

a picture of sand (foreground), the ocean on the right, and small mountains in the background.

First, the beach! This is Ixtapa, Mexico.

Suitcase #1: The Beach, Sun, and Sand

This is easy. We will only be there for four days and it’s a roadtrip. I’ll probably overpack slightly, with 4-5 outfits for each kid. Since we are staying in a resort, I’ll definitely overpack for me and include a few sundresses.

A wet looking road, surround by snow covered trees. It's foggy and it look like it's snowing.

Then, to the potentially snowy roads of Ohio (photo courtesy of Andrew from, used with permission).

Suitcase #2: The Wintery Bliss of Ohio

Packing for this trip will be a little more difficult. It’s going to be the longest trip I’ve taken in almost 18 years. We are flying and we would like to have only carry on luggage (and car seats) on our way over. Since we know people in Ohio and have family there, we will not want for a washing machine. If my daughter’s snow boots still fit her, she will have to wear them on the plane because they will be too big for the carryon. We may have to purchase some boots for my son.

Because there’s snow.

Our return trip will not be carry on only.  I plan to do some clothes and shoe shopping for myself while there. I have a shoe size that is now impossible to find in stores and I have to order them online. We also will likely be returning with some gifts.

Two Suitcases

Even with different suitcases, I’m a little more worried about the larger and longer trip to the USA. While I can buy extra warm things as needed, I don’t have a huge amount of luggage space.

But hey, it’s travel! Better yet, it’s seeing our family after almost 8 months! Bring on the holidays because I’m ready! Well, other than being packed and buying presents…

What do you do for the holidays? Do you travel? Do you celebrate the local holidays if you reside in a different country than where you were born?


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