That Time I Threw Caution to the Wind and Went to Seattle

I’d been dreaming of visiting Seattle for awhile and I’d been watching the Skybus website regularly for one of their super cheap fares.  Do you remember the US based budget airline, Skybus? Their fares started at $10 and went up from there and all flights were nonstop (from Columbus, Ohio). I scoured their site for flights regularly and took two trips with them before they went out of business (suddenly and stranding a friend of mine, another reason to buy travel insurance!)

In 2007, I scored a roundtrip ticket to Bellingham, Washington for around $85 nonstop. SQUEEEE! Now I needed to find someone to go with me!

Bellingham, Washington has gorgeous scenery and is worth including on your trip!

Bellingham, Washington has gorgeous scenery and is worth including on your trip! Photo by Justin W. of Natalie, October, 2007


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Skybus offered incredibly inexpensive flights to seattle

I was excited to score a roundtrip ticket to Bellingham, WA for $80 give or take! My friend, Justin, was able to join me. That helped with the costs of car rental and hotels (no airbnb back then or I hadn’t heard of it yet).

Back in 2007, I didn’t have a smart phone or a digital camera. All of my pictures were from an old school cell phone and a film camera! I’m not convinced that I ever developed all of those pictures. Maybe looking for that role of film will be today’s quest (it wasn’t and I never found it).

This is Bellingham! We walked on the boardwalk daily. It was gorgeous!

This is Bellingham! We walked on the boardwalk daily. It was gorgeous!

The flight to Bellingham was non-stop. However, the fog was too thick to land immediately and after circling around for awhile, we had to make an unscheduled fuel stop in Moses Lake.  For an unsavvy traveler like myself, this was exciting!

Seattle was great

Justin and I stayed in Bellingham the entire trip and took a day trip to Seattle. We went to Pike Place Market (I recommend going), the original Starbucks (meh), and the Seattle Aquarium (go!)

Pike Place Market is so famous and written about a lot. I feel we could’ve visited there multiple days and still not have explored in depth. I really enjoyed the fish throwing! Also, this is where I bought some souvenirs, including some cool cat artwork as gift to my then-boyfriend (not the guy I traveled with).

I really wanted to visit the original Starbucks for some reason.  When in Seattle… It was fine, but there really is so much great coffee around, I wouldn’t feel the need to go back.

Seattle Aquarium is close to the Pike Place Market and this was high on my wishlist. It was cool. I would absolutely visit again. I bought recycled poop gift bags there. Yes, seriously.

My face poking out through a "head hole" of a wooden jellyfish, designed to be a photo op for children at the Seattle Aquarium

I’m a jellyfish!

Bellingham was our main squeeze, though

Most of our time in Bellingham consisted of finding food, frequenting local shops, and hiking! I remember finding this “secret” place called Fragrance Lake. It isn’t really a secret, though. However, it seemed like we were alone in the world in a secret place. It was cool! We had gorgeous October weather.  In fact, the only time it rained was the day we visited Seattle (ha!)

Also, don’t forget the coffee. All that glorious coffee! My mornings were spent having that tasty gift from the gods at various coffee shops around Bellingham.

Hiking somewhere in Bellingham.

Hiking somewhere in Bellingham.

We accidentally discovered some new favorite tunes

During our trip, Justin and I discovered A Fine Frenzy and Brandi Carlisle. I still love both albums! You know how music is so powerful? The song Almost Lover evokes the memories from that time of my life and this trip in particular. Throw in seeing a show with the Upright Citizen’s Brigade and the music, hiking, company, and coffee made for an enjoyable short trip to Bellingham and Seattle!

Did you know that Alison Sudol of A Fine Frenzy went on to be in the movie Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them?

Have you ever visited Seattle or Bellingham, Washington? What’s your favorite old travel memory? Is there a song that makes you think of a special vacation time?

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