This is the Story of the Wasps That Scared the Hell Out of Me

My 4 year old daughter and I opened the door to the public restroom at a gas station in the Sierra Gorda mountains (Mexico) and stepped inside. As the door gently closed behind us, I noticed a giant wasp flying near the ceiling at the back of the bathroom. When I say giant, I do not exaggerate. It was easily double the size of the wasps in Ohio. Then, I noticed the nest hanging from the light fixture.

I guided my daughter out the door and we “noped” right on out of there.

We left so quickly that I did not take any pictures of the wasps. They were far too terrifying for me!


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a road with the Sierra Gorda mountains in the distance. There aren't any wasps here at the moment.

Driving through the Sierra Gorda mountains.

We waited outside the bathroom

My daughter and I waited for my husband and son to come out of the restroom. As they exit, I ask, “Are there wasps in the men’s bathroom?”

“There are wasp nests,” my husband responded.

“But no wasps?”

He shook his head no.

“Is the bathroom empty?” I ask.


“I don’t want to go in there and get stung!” my daughter started whimpering. Of course, my daughter was stung a month before we left Ohio. She remembered that painful sting.

It took a few minutes to convince her to go into the restroom. She finally did and my husband and son stood guard outside. After, we walked over to the convenience store. I may have bribed her to go into the bathroom by offering to buy candy – hey, desperate parent over here and it didn’t work anyway. Except, once I said it, I was committed to buying candy.

There was also a wasp flying around in the convenience store, but luckily no one saw it except me. It did disappear while we were shopping.

What a find!

This particular gas station was a serendipitous stop. I found gluten free crackers there made by the same company that makes the bread I buy here in Mexico. I bought one small package, loved them, then longed for them so much that we stopped at the exact same gas station on our return trip.

a cracker wrapper that is yellow and light tan.

These are the crackers!

And of course, I had to use the bathroom. I cautiously crept into the restroom. Thankfully, it was mysteriously wasp free this time. If you’re wondering, the crackers were worth the risk.*

* However, I may think differently if anyone in the family had gotten stung.

Wasps of the Sierra Gordas

We spotted these large wasps in Xilitla, too, so I imagine they live throughout the Sierra Gorda mountains. Another one caused a minor screaming episode inside a restaurant (thankfully empty) because it was hovering around the door and getting closer and closer to our table. It finally went away or the kids and I would’ve had to “nope” out of there again while my husband paid our bill.

Have you had run-ins with giant bug versions of those you’ve had at home? Or mass quantities of bugs (like mosquitoes)? Or other crazy bug experiences? 

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