This is What Happens When You Send a Text to the Wrong Person

When someone else sends a text to the wrong person, it’s hilarious. When I send a text to the wrong person, it’s also hilarious. However, first it’s mortifying.

Here’s what happened to me.


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Texts from one minute earlier

I know three or four women with the same name. One is my husband’s company’s concierge and the other is my Spanish teacher. I sent a message earlier today to the concierge about something I needed her help with regarding my remotes for opening the gates of my neighborhood (they stopped working). Additionally, we got new guards last week and a few can’t understand me. “Vivo aqui” I kept saying (it should mean I live here, but who knows, it was on the fly). Anyway, being able to get into my neighborhood is important. I need my remote openers to work.

I came home after picking up my children and I’m doing my Spanish flash cards for reflexive verbs (the thing that inspired this post), and I remembered the memory tip for “sentarse” (sen-tar-say) which means to sit down, is something about sitting in tar. My Spanish teacher and I often laugh at the memory tips because some are pretty crazy and we talked about the tar one in some detail during our previous class.

I sent her the text:

“Sentarse, my new hint: sit down your arse (ar-say) in the tar-say. Hahaha – this is how I amuse myself when I’m studying.”


Except I sent it to the concierge instead of my Spanish teacher! My face burned bright red, even though no one was around.

Daniel Tiger sings, “Stop and listen to stay safe!” Maybe he needs to sing about text messaging safety, too.

This is What Happens…

Luckily, I know the concierge well enough to explain the mistake and laugh at myself. She took awhile to answer, but when she did, she laughed.

And laughed.

So that’s what happens when you send a text to the wrong person. It’s likely they will laugh and you will feel embarrassed! My Spanish teacher also thought it was hilarious.


When sending a text, especially when you tell yourself to not send it to the wrong person, be sure you are choosing the person to whom you want the text actually sent. And you know, maybe be careful about what you say via text, just in case you do accidentally send it to the wrong person. Luckily for me, “arse in the tarse” isn’t too bad.

Have you ever sent an embarrassing text to the wrong person? Was it really, really embarrassing or only mildly so?

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