How to Get a Passport for your Child

Getting a passport was something I avoided for a long time, because I am a procrastinator. Also, before the late 2000s, Americans didn’t need to them to visit Mexico, Canada, and the Caribbean.  I visited Grand Cayman without a passport in 2004. Passports are required to go outside the US nowadays. So, if you and your kids don’t have one, today is a great day to get yours!  Continue reading


The Zip Line to Hell: An Exhilarating Adventure

Special thanks to Andrew for being our first guest contributor and sharing some of his adventures in Kentucky  (USA).

Follow Taylor Avenue past a strip mall, fast food restaurants, ordinary homes and keep driving. Soon you’ll be winding through a business park and wondering if you’re in the right place.  It seems unlikely but nestled behind rows of  warehouses is a massive man made cavern with a zip line course.

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The Sweet Surprise of Hippo Sweat and Sunscreen

On Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a serious pain my ass. Why can’t humans make their own slimy sun protectant, like hippos? Yes, hippos really do make their own sunscreen! I learned this on Wild Kratts. People call it hippo sweat (or blood-sweat because of the deep red color), but it’s actually a secretion that also acts as an antibiotic! Hippos are seriously cool. Dangerous as hell, but cool! (Source). Continue reading


San Francisco and the Virus from Hell

The sand was warm beneath my bare and cold feet. It was a beach and my shoes had to be off! The view: The Golden Gate Bridge. Iconic. It was an amazing landmark to see in person. It was a chilly June day. I hadn’t expected that. Inland, it would be at least 10 degrees warmer. The virus had pretty much run its course by then, leaving me tired and weak. Even so, San Francisco did not disappoint. Continue reading

The Captain Bell House.

Ahoy! Enjoying The Captain Bell House Bed and Breakfast

Sometimes, you go somewhere and it turns out to be so wonderful that you want to share it with everyone you know.  Our stay at the the Captain Bell House Bed and Breakfast in Vermilion, Ohio was one of those times!

We had wanted to go up to Michigan for a week. However, some circumstances forced us to wait. I didn’t want to forgo vacation entirely. I had to get out of town!

I also had to have a beach! Continue reading


Awesome Play and Relaxation in Attractive Vermilion

“We have to go back. I forgot something,” I said, as we were pulling out of our driveway, toward Vermilion.

To his credit, my husband didn’t sigh or roll his eyes. Our destination was a small town on Lake Erie. Vermilion, Ohio is a great little place . In fact, the town motto is “A Small Town on a Great Lake” and it’s true! It’s small, quaint, and adorable. Oh, there’s also a beach!

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June is Busting Out All Over: Wrap Up

June is busting out all – wait! June is already over?

Welcome to the June Wrap Up! I considered skipping this post this month. Why? I didn’t do anything I thought was “big enough” for the travel blog, it was all mostly local. Everyone should explore their hometown and surrounding areas and that’s exactly what we did! Also, there were a few odds and ends I thought you should know, stats, and an announcement! Continue reading