New Orleans: Mystery, Mystique, and Masquerade

New Orleans, Louisiana. It’s an interesting place, even when you are there as a young twenty-something and you end up consuming a lot of alcohol…

There is so much more to the city, but being who I was then, I didn’t have a huge urge to explore outside of the French Quarter. Though I did party a lot there, that also wasn’t my usual MO. Maybe that is why I have such fond memories of my time there, because I lived so differently during my short visit. I had such joie de vivre!

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Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I'm in the sunshine, inside a car. Very happy.

The Highlights and Lowlights of 2016

Hello, travel lovers! I hope 2016 has provided you with many wonderful travel opportunities. While we didn’t travel as much as I had hoped, 2016 provided me with much time to dream. First things first! I started this blog in April. Since then, we traveled to:

  • Tomahawk, Wisconsin
  • Newport, Kentucky
  • Vermilion, Ohio
  • Cincinnati, Ohio

Bigger plans had to be scrapped this year, due to some unforeseen circumstances. Those money suckers started four days after I started the blog. Talk about great timing (sarcasm).

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Image of gift bags with a backdrop of grass and evergreens.

10 Gift Ideas for the Traveling Child

It’s that time of year in the United States.  Do you need some gift ideas for the traveling child? Do you need some ideas for your next long trip? Here are some great gifts for toddlers and preschoolers that also travel well. This gift list has a mixture of things I’ve purchased, recommendations from other traveling parents, and the best reviewed items I’m considering buying for our next trip.

While I don’t always do a lot of research before buying toys, it is imperative to read reviews before buying items that are meant for travel. Some travel toys are a GREAT idea in concept, but are not constructed well. This list has the best! Continue reading

Hello. Bonjour. Hola. Would you move abroad?

Would You Move Abroad?

My husband used to ask me, “would you move to Japan?” He’d lived there for a year and enjoyed it. I always said, “no” or “I need to think about it.” At first, it was because we had little kids and I thought it would be too hard to move abroad. Or that I’d be too isolated. Something changed in me. Around a year ago, when he asked me if I would consider moving to Japan, I said, “yes.” Continue reading

From the ground, the view to the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Paris, Je T’Aime: A Spectacular Love Affair

Thank you, Simone, for this awesome post about  her adventures in the most romantic city in the world: Paris!

In late August of 2002, I was surprised for my 21st birthday with a weekend in Paris by my then boyfriend. To other people it must sound like the most romantic thing in the world. Normally, I would agree that this is a valid statement. Unfortunately, I believe that it only counts as being utterly romantic if you do not already argue in the car on the way to Paris and you do not stop halfway at a rest area to call your sister for advice on whether to continue or not. Continue reading