The Royal Haciendas All Inclusive Playa del Carmen Review

“Book the trip,” my husband told me over the phone. It was the eve of my 40th birthday. I’d been moping about, though not because I was turning 40. There have been a lot of sad events this past year for friends of mine. Though it isn’t my sadness, I was affected by their tragedies. Between that and being envious of a friend’s 40th birthday trip to Belize, I was feeling blue.

I didn’t want to be blue on my birthday! I was excited to be turning 40.

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Best Foot Warmers: 2019 Guide

My feet get really cold in the winter. Sometimes, they just need the suggestion of winter to get cold. I often use a microwavable foot warmer to help my feet get warm so that I can fall asleep at night. Yes, I use it even in Mexico!

Whether you are ready to take on the slopes (let it snow!) or want to be extra comfortable during those long winter nights, there are multiple options for your needs. If you’re looking for heated feet warmers, neoprene, or foot warmer socks, check the buying guide below!

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How We Spent the Year: 2018 Edition

It’s that time of year! You know, ye olde end of year blog post tyme. I love to remember the good things that happened during the year. It helps me focus on the good, instead of the less than stellar things. I don’t brush off those less than stellar things, however. They are included, too.

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Best Travel Makeup Palette Guide 2019

I like makeup. It’s true. I’m always learning and just trying to look a way that I like. With my renewed interest in all things makeup, I’m going to be traveling with a few more options on our next trip!

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Image of gift bags with a backdrop of grass and evergreens.

The Best Travel Toys for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Do you need some gift ideas for a traveling child? Are you looking for the best travel toys for toddlers and preschoolers? The toys on this list are especially well-suited to travel. They are all small, light, and also pack easily.

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Stay Warm with the Best Hand Warmers: Guide for 2019

My hands are so cold right now and it’s only getting worse as I age. Have you ever heard of a portable, rechargeable hand warmer? I didn’t and it’s life changing. My mom, sister, and I all suffer from cold hands and feet during the cold weather. I’m so excited to give these to my family as gifts!

Another really cool feature is that many of them can also charge a cell phone. This is great news for travelers. One I looked into even has an LED flashlight. Talk about one handy item. See what I did there?

Are you also tired of having freezing cold fingers?  Let’s find a portable hand heater!

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The Anti Theft Purse Pursuit: Guide to the Best Travel Purse 2019

I decided that I must have an anti theft travel purse for our adventures abroad. After my initial research, it seemed like the majority of anti theft purses for travel had very similar security features. Wonderful! All I had to do is find a purse I liked! I wanted to find something stylish, but not so fancy that it screamed “full of money!” It needs to be the perfect travel purse, the best anti theft purse I can find. Am I looking for a unicorn?

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Guide to the Best Travel Bra with Pockets 2019

When a woman travels, a comfortable bra is a necessity. There are things to take into consideration when picking the perfect bra for travel, too. Are you looking for the best travel bra with hidden pockets? Or do you want one designed solely for comfort?  I’ve researched to find some good anti theft bra options. There aren’t just bras with secret pockets, there are also bra stashes!

Anti theft bras, bras with pockets and what on earth is a bra stash?! Girl, you have options!

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