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Hi! I’m Natalie. Who are you? No, really! I am wondering and I’d love to hear from you. Please email me at [email protected] and tell me your travel dreams. Or your silliest toddler /kid story. I can always use a good dream and a good laugh.

Speaking of children, I have two. They are exactly 12 months, 19 days apart. It wasn’t until they were born that I realized exactly how much I wanted to travel the world and show it them.

I can’t remember exactly when it started. Seeds were planted when I visited France when I was 11 years old. When I was carefree and single, my friend described an extremely romantic meet-cute of her French husband after her solo trip to France.

Still, I didn’t believe that I was capable of a solo trip anywhere. Oh, sure, I flew across the country to visit friends. I never flew anywhere to explore on my own. Why?

I’m a chicken.

And a worrier. A worrier chicken. Can we pretend that says warrior chicken?



Becoming a mom helped me find my assertive voice. My dreams grew bigger. So, I concocted this crazy idea…

But before I tell you about it, I have to tell you one more thing about me. I’m an unschooler! I left school after 5th grade and didn’t go back until I decided to go to college. Why unschooling? Were my parents hippies? Or religious? Nope! They are regular people who trusted me to guide my education. Why is that important for “Natalie’s Crazy Idea”?

Natalie’s Crazy Idea

My idea is to work towards traveling 2-4 months of the year, while keeping our home base in Ohio! Okay, you’ve read some travel blogs or watched Departures on Netflix (you haven’t? Seriously, go watch it. I lived and breathed it after I had my second baby); it’s hardly a crazy idea. Solo travelers blog about their experiences all the time. Have you noticed how much they learn? They have immersed themselves in culture, language, food, etc. I want to provide that for my children. For example, I want to read about the Sistine Chapel and then go see it! I want to explore the Roman Coliseum and then read about why it was important! I want to visit Hogwarts and see if they’ll let me live there. Okay, I was sort of kidding with that last one. I mean, I wouldn’t turn Hogwarts down. Or the Doctor. Just saying.

The Unexpected Expat Life

With all of that being said, we moved to Mexico in  May, 2017. Talk about immersion! My travel plans above are not negated by this move, it’s an opportunity we jumped on. I’ve already had to adjust some expectations temporarily.

Because my life has taken this unexpected, but welcome, move to Mexico, the blog focuses on both travel and our expat life. We live in a smallish town in Central Mexico, in the Queretaro area. I am studying Spanish and I have a goal to become conversational before our time here is over (possibly sometime in 2020).

Oh! I have Celiac disease. Yes, I work it into most conversations. It’s a pain in the ass anywhere except home. I include information for fellow Celiacs whenever available. Mexico has been particularly kind to me and I typically don’t have food reactions here.

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