Holy Jurassic, Batman! Seeing the Dinosaurs at COSI Columbus

It’s happening! I think with a delightful, giddy air. I finally get to see a T-Rex!*

Sort of.

*Tyrannosaurus Rex lived during the late Cretaceous period, not the Jurassic period. I really wanted to say “Holy Jurassic, Batman!”

The Dinosaurs at COSI Columbus, Ohio

During our visit to Columbus, Ohio, we had the opportunity to visit COSI (Center of Science and Industry) a second time. This time, we got to see the dinosaur exhibit. This exhibit opened in November, 2017. The best part? The exhibit is permanent!

A fossible of a small dinosaur curled up. Next to it, a model of what it might've looked like when it was alive at COSI museum

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A cast of a T. Rex skeleton in the dinosaur exhibit at COSI Columbus Ohio.

Greetings, humans. I will eat you now!

Seeing Dinosaurs! Sort of…

Upon entering the exhibit, you are greeted by a life size cast of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. While I want to see the real fossil of a T-Rex (or any dinosaurs), the cast is amazing. Since it is to scale, you realize how big these things were when they existed. Did you know the T-Rex wasn’t a particularly fast moving creature? It’s top speed was around 25 miles per hour. Sure, I’d still get eaten if I tried to run from it.

Next to the T-Rex is a steel and fiberglass model of Apatosaurus louisae (usually incorrectly called a brontosaurus). Contrary to the opinion of the guy standing next to me that it was under construction, this dino is complete. It’s there to demonstrate that this animal did not raise it’s head up like a giraffe.

One of the “trophy” skulls.

After that, you wander into the next area. On the way, you see casts of dinosaurs prints found in various places in the world. Then you’re in the “trophy room,” where dinosaurs skulls are on display (mostly casts), like a Triceratops! You can even touch a real Triceratops horn fossil. On another wall, there are several large skulls on display. Though if you have kids, it’s debatable whether or not you’ll actually get to read descriptions.

My personal highlights

For the past couple of years, I realized that I really want to see a dinosaur exhibit. I wanted to stand under the giant fossils and feel the feelings that invoked. Knowing that these were mostly casts did affect me: I stood there and knew I wasn’t seeing something that was truly 65-70 million years old, but I was still in awe of its massive size.

We also got to touch real fossils!

the author, a light brown haired woman wearing black glasses, with a huge smile as she touches a fossil inside a glass case.

I am very happy!

Fun Facts

Tyrannosaurus Rex had the strongest bite of any land animal that has ever existed!

Did the kids like it?

“What was your favorite part of the dinosaur exhibit?” I asked my kids.

My four year old daughter answered,”the dinosaur skeleton.”

My five year old son, “I liked the video games, the T-Rex skeleton, and the giant skeleton [the steel Apatosaurus louisae model].”

This is the cutest dinosaur I’ve ever seen.

“So you guys liked the exhibit?”

“We liked everything from there,” answered my son. My daughter chimed in with a yes!

There you have it! The kids enjoyed the dinosaur exhibit a lot and the other parts of COSI. We have been to the museum twice and we haven’t even seen half of it yet. It’s a wonderful gem in downtown Columbus, Ohio!

Have you seen dinosaur fossils? Which is your favorite? Do you like science museums?

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