Cool at the Zoo: Nora the Beautiful Baby Polar Bear

This post has been updated to reflect Nora’s whereabouts and she’s become quite the well-traveled polar bear (January, 2018).

Time is running out to see Nora the Polar Bear at the Columbus Zoo.  Her last day on view in Columbus, Ohio is September 5, 2016 (Labor Day). She will be moving across the country to the Oregon Zoo. There, she will hopefully be befriended by the resident polar bear Tasul. Tasul is apparently a good natured bear who has been alone since recently losing her brother. Really tugs on the heartstrings, huh?
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This is an Insider’s Review of the Remarkable Columbus Zoo

The Columbus Zoo is far more famous than I realized, thanks to Jack Hanna. We have a membership, visit often, and the zoo visits were the best thing ever last summer with my 2 and 3 year olds. I’ve had my membership for one year now and we are at the point where neither child wants to be worn OR ride in a stroller. What’s a mom to do? Continue reading