This is the Incredible Way I Spent the Year

Upon reflecting about 2017, it might have been the busiest year of my life. It was hard in a way I haven’t experienced before and brought about some of the biggest changes I’ve ever had (after having children, of course). It was also one of the most exhilarating years of my life. I’m still in awe about living in Mexico. I still can’t believe this is my home and it still makes me smile. Still, the time has come to say goodbye to 2017.

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This is the Sweet Surprise of Hippo Sweat and Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a serious pain my butt. Why can’t humans make their own slimy sun protectant, like hippos? Yes, hippos really do make their own sunscreen! I learned this on Wild Kratts. People call it hippo sweat (or blood-sweat because of the deep red color), but it’s actually a secretion that also acts as an antibiotic! Hippos are seriously cool. Dangerous as hell, but cool! Continue reading

This is Why Adventure is Worthwhile

Adventure is worthwhile, according to Aesop. Traveling is an adventurous pastime, of course. I’d go on to argue that families should take regular adventures together. Yes, this includes local travel and staycations!

*Gulp* Does that mean taking the kids?

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How I Discovered My Kids are Good Travelers

This month, we discovered our children are great travelers, thankfully. They never asked, “Are we there yet?” during our first long roadtrip to Wisconsin for a wedding. I almost can’t believe it. Especially since they’ve started asking, “Are we there yet?” on repeat during short trips to our local park and grocery store.

This is what we learned.

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