Why We Spend the Summer Out of Town

Thanks to Julie for this wonderful guest post about extended summer travel!

My kids and I do quite a bit of summer travel. We drive two hours away multiple times during the summer and stay for a week or two at a time. We’re rarely home for more than one to two weeks between trips. We stay with family. My husband joins us for a weekend or a long weekend sometimes.

Most people find this situation really strange. Continue reading

The World is Our Classroom

All of my husband’s immediate family speaks two or more languages. My husband is fluent in two languages and has a working knowledge of a third. His cousin is fluent in four languages (she’s amazing, by the way). I only speak one language. I want my children to speak at least one additional language (English is their native language and also mine). I wanted to immerse them in another language, but I don’t want to sell everything to travel the world or settle somewhere else long term. What was I going to do to encourage language learning while staying true to my unschooling philosophy? Continue reading