Flying Solo With Kids: The Amazing Thing That Happened

My husband, children, and I spent a week in Ohio in July. He returned home to Mexico, while the kids and I stayed an additional week. While I hadn’t doubted I was capable, I didn’t know the amazing things that would happen. Here’s what I learned flying solo (and actually flying solo) with kids for a week.

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Natalie and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Tourist Day: Guanajuato Edition

As we passed through the famous tunnels of Guanajuato City, Mexico, I began feeling excited again. I felt with renewed vigor, passing into a beautiful city that I’d never seen. Maybe this visit would be better than I thought!

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A Man Touched Me in Valladolid, So We Didn’t See the Ek Balam Ruins

“The hotel isn’t in Valladolid,” my husband said. “It’s really far out.”

“I know. It’s the second closest one to the Ek Balam Ruins,” I responded. By then, one kid was awake and needed to use the restroom. So, we stopped at a decent looking open air food court place and my husband and son went to use the facilities. By the time they returned, my daughter was awake, so the two of us headed in, too.

When I returned, I was putting her into her travel safety vest. We’d just started using them for traveling and while the learning curve wasn’t steep, my speed of buckling the children was much slower. As I bent over her seat and wrestled with the seat belt and her vest, my husband started yelling. In that moment, I felt a finger touch the sliver of exposed skin on my back.

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How to Have Ethical Animal Encounters in the Caribbean

I always want to do all of the “swim with marine creatures” activities that are available. Swimming with dolphins has long been on my wish list. Swimming with dolphins, turtles, or stingrays sound so alluring. Are they good for the creatures in question? Here is how to have ethical animal encounters in the Caribbean AND my handy-dandy guide to some of the most popular attractions.

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In honor of Valentine's day, the most romantic picture I have of me and my husband. Two people, silhouettes, kissing with the sunset and Pacific ocean in the background.

The Best Nerdy Valentine’s Day Gifts for Travelers 2019

I have way too many fandoms… Since I love all things Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Star Trek, Galaxy Quest, Men in Black, and Ghostbusters, I’ve only represented a few in my quest to find awesome nerdy Valentine’s gift ideas that are practical. Only a few are even remotely romantic, but that is par for the course for the way my husband and I celebrate Valentine’s day.

Meaning: usually, we forget. Don’t even ask about Sweetest Day! best nerdy gifts

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5 of the Most Ridiculous Things I’ve Forgotten to Pack

I’m forgetful. I’m also a bit unorganized (maybe more than a bit). Even making lists doesn’t always save me from forgetting something crucial on my travels. What’s the one thing that everyone remembers to pack that would be ridiculous to forget?

I’ve forgotten it.

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This is Why Ethical Animal Tourism is Important to Me

I’ve spent some time researching all these animal tourism experiences that sound wonderful. I want to do them all! However, I’ve come across the truth of many of them. Most touristy activities that involve captive animals also include horrific animal abuses at worst and neglect at the best. Spending my tourism dollars on ethical animal tourism is important to me. In fact, it is one way we can all make a huge difference. Continue reading

5 Reasons Travel is Sweeter than Christmas Morning

It’s Christmas day, so what better time to discuss the virtues of travel? Especially since plane tickets are on my wish list this year. I’m currently in the US with my family, opening presents and enjoying the joyful sounds of my kids playing with their cousins.

So why is travel sweeter than Christmas morning?

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