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The Best Nerdy Valentine’s Day Gifts for Travelers

I have way too many fandoms… Since I love all things Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Star Trek, Galaxy Quest, Men in Black, and Ghostbusters, I’ve only represented a few in my quest to find awesome “nerdy” gift ideas that are practical. Only a few are even remotely romantic, but that is par for the course for the way my husband and I celebrate Valentine’s day.

Meaning: usually, we forget.

If I do decide I want a gift, I’ll buy it for myself. There’s no shame in treating yourself to great travel gifts on Valentine’s day, whether in a relationship or not. It’s all a part of self-care, which looks different for everyone. I’m ready for nerdy Valentine’s day gifts.

2018 Nerdy Valentine Gifts for travelers

If you and your family travel frequently, practical gifts make a lot more sense. Do you still want to enjoy your favorite fandom a little bit? I do, too! I’ve compiled this awesome list of gifts that are a little bit nerdy and also useful. There’s even one that useful and romantic! Take that, Hallmark!


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Nerdy Luggage Tags

While not at all romantic, luggage tags are a perfect gift for a traveler, nerdy or not! Here are tags from some of my favorite fandoms.

First, Harry Potter’s Platform 9 and 3/4 luggage tag (click on the images to order and all are affiliate links). If I can’t yet get to Platform 9 and 3/4, at least I can bring a flavor of it to me.

For your Star Wars loving friends or kids who travel, these are not the droids bags you are looking for. I love this! Stars Wars Valentine’s gifts are completely appropriate.

Love Batman and LEGOS? We have you covered! I’m hearing Will Arnet as Batman just looking at this cool luggage tag. Forget me, my children would love this!

Nerdy Toiletry Bags and Geeky Totes

Does your special man (or woman) need a new traveling toiletry bag? I could use one, actually. I always need more Harry Potter in my life.

This collapsible TARDIS bag from Doctor Who is awesome for travelers. On our most recent trip, we purchased some collapsible bags because we didn’t have enough room to bring everything home. I keep a collapsible grocery bag in my purse, too (which was a thoughtful gift from my friend and souvenir from Germany!) I love that they will fit in carryon-luggage and are there if needed.

Here’s a plain collapsible duffel bag, like we used to bring home extra stuff during our last trip (we even checked ours without any issues and they were so stuffed we couldn’t fit another thing).

Fandom Passport Covers & Wallets

All  Harry Potter fans NEED an awesome passport cover!

This wallet is everything! The reviews say it’s a women’s wallet (whatever that means). I like it because it’s a TARDIS.

Another Doctor Who wallet option!

The Two Best Gifts on this List – Nerdy And Romantic

I really want one of these for traveling! It is a portable charger for cellphones.

This is one of the more romantic, but still extremely useful gifts on this list! This is called a peshtamel and it’s billed as a Turkish towel with 101 uses from towel to scarf to blanket. As a family traveler who prefers to travel carry-on only (if possible), a beautiful item with multiple uses is definitely going to go in my luggage.

I really want this one.

The most romantic gift on the list

For me, this scratch off map would be the most romantic gift my husband could give me. I love maps and a map to scratch off all our travels would tell me he’s been paying attention to the subtle things that I enjoy.

No, this is the most romantic Valentine’s day gift on the list

Plane tickets to a coveted destination. Okay, so that’s pricey, but travel doesn’t have to break the bank. Scour the air travel sites and jump on a good deal when you see one. If that’s still out of your price range, look into places within a few hours drive that have cabins and outdoor hot tubs. You can take a “romantic” weekend even with your kids along (but please be careful and use common sense about mixing kids and hot tubs).

Even if this trip won’t be taken for a few weeks or months after Valentine’s day (or birthday, because this list is good for those, too), having it all set up in advance just makes the happiness last longer.

Go forth and travel! And bring the kids!

What useful and nerdy travel gifts would you add to this list? What’s the best travel gift you’ve ever received?

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