The Attack of the “Killer” Autoimmune Disease

Why yes, my celiac disease is acting up and it’s annoying the crap out of me. Okay, so celiac is not actively killing me. This autoimmune disease is just killing my motivation because I have no energy.
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Eating with Careless Abandon in Mexico (with Celiac Disease)

I’m finishing up spending 5 days in Queretaro, Mexico (and surrounding areas). I don’t speak any Spanish yet, except about 10 words. Also, I forgot my Spanish language “I’m a celiac and I can’t have gluten” card. How easy or difficult is it to find gluten free food in Mexico with celiac disease? Continue reading

This is Why I Write About Celiac Disease

May is Celiac Awareness month!

Prior to 2010, I was plagued with almost constant brain fog, inability to concentrate for long stretches, fatigue, and some other random things that didn’t seem connected at the time. Was I actually sick? Was it all in my head? I wanted answers! Continue reading