Itinerary for an Awesome Yucatan Peninsula Road Trip with Kids

For Spring Break, we decided to fly to Cancun, Mexico. My husband originally wanted to  go to an all-inclusive resort. I checked the prices and they seemed really high (spoiler alert: many all-inclusive resorts in Cancun are actually reasonably priced because the restaurants in Cancun are very expensive).  I started trying to figure out an option that was better for the budget AND included seeing Chichen Itza. We decided to take a sightseeing road trip around the Yucatan Peninsula, which included spending a lot of time in Tulum.

That all being said, this is NOT a budget trip. Though in the end, it was pretty close to equal the cost of staying in an all-inclusive resort with one or two excursions for four. I am, however, extremely satisfied with the flexibility our choices offered us during the trip.

Well, I was satisfied once I got over feeling guilty about blowing our travel budget, of course.

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To Canada or Not? That is the Question

Thanks to Simone about her Canadian adventure to Minden, Ontario with a toddler in tow!

After having had guests from Germany, for two weeks in June, vacation is calling. How convenient that my husband’s work’s shutdown week is right around the corner! How about a trip to Minden, Ontario, Canada to visit friends at their cottage at Mountain Lake? I am immediately thinking to rent an RV for the week. That should be an inexpensive, adventurous, and hopefully fun, way to travel and we can take the dogs along; so we save even more money. “Yes? Great! Let’s do this!”

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The Time The Pacific Ocean Tried to Swallow Me

The wave surged over my head. I inhaled quickly, but I was too late. The crest trampled over me, ignoring my existence. I succumbed to the Pacific Ocean’s wishes. As if I had a choice to disobey.

Even knowing the water was only a few feet deep didn’t stop the thought: I have to get air.

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The Tale of Two Suitcases (Sand and Snow)

We are going to the beach on Saturday for four days! If that isn’t exciting enough for me, we turn around and leave 4 days later for Ohio. Wheeeee! My suitcases are packed!

Sort of.

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Puerto Vallarta with Kids: Swimming, the Malecon, & Dance of the Flyers

We crept along the winding mountain road, traffic was heavy. It was also going slow and there was a double yellow line, so no passing. How much further to Puerto Vallarta? I wondered.

“Next time, we’ll fly,” my husband muttered from the driver’s seat, as we watched yet another crazy person pass the slower traffic on a double yellow lined blind mountain curve.

I hope Puerto Vallarta is worth it!

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Procrastination Rears Its Ugly Head… Again

Hi. My name is Natalie and I’m a procrastinator. I am full of procrastination.

“Hi Natalie,” an imaginary group chants back, in chorus.

“And a worrier,” I add, to be candid.

We are leaving tomorrow for our first vacation in a year and I haven’t even started packing yet. Seriously, how I could forget? I may have been a little too obsessed with getting tacos for dinner (and they were SO worth it as I can’t get enough tacos).

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A fawn and white bulldog sleeps on a gray couch

The Day My Dogs Arrived in Mexico

Today’s the day! My dogs will finish up their 3 day journey from Ohio into Central Mexico today! That’s right, they went on a dog road trip!

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New Orleans: Mystery, Mystique, and Masquerade

New Orleans, Louisiana. It’s an interesting place, even when you are there as a young twenty-something and you end up consuming a lot of alcohol…

There is so much more to the city, but being who I was then, I didn’t have a huge urge to explore outside of the French Quarter. Though I did party a lot there, that also wasn’t my usual MO. Maybe that is why I have such fond memories of my time there, because I lived so differently during my short visit. I had such joie de vivre!

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