This is Why I Suffer From Decision Fatigue While Family Trip Planning

Do you suffer from decision fatigue while family trip planning? I certainly do. In fact, I have a full on case of it right now! A lot of it is caused by having to plan a great trip for four different people, with different personalities. That’s right, it’s time to plan a family trip! Spring break, to be specific.

During one of the most expensive times of the year, I need to plan a kid friendly vacation. Yikes! How do you plan your vacations for kids? Where do you get your family vacation ideas?


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Trip Planning for Spring Break = Headaches

Spring break is a busy and expensive time to travel. I actually have to plan farther in advance than I normally do, because we can’t decide a mere week or two prior that we want to take a big trip somewhere. I convinced my husband first to go to Mérida in the Yucatan. However, flying into Mérida from our home base is more expensive than flying into Cancún. So, we decided to fly into the Cancún airport, rent a car, and drive to Mérida. It’s not a big deal, since we also want to spend time on the beach either in Cancún or Riviera Maya and see some Mayan Ruins.

The fun resorts in Cancún are expensive during Spring Break. We have two weeks off school and the second week is thankfully less expensive than the first. Which is great, because we can still afford to go and stick to our budget. Whew!

We can still afford to go if I can book soon.

Oh, and I’m struggling to find travel insurance that will cover domestic travel in Mexcio. Oh, the horror!

a hand holding a coconut drink, with the beach and ocean in the background.

Focus on the rewards of family trip planning!

And now, the excursions!

Then comes the excursion planning. I looked up spending a few days on Holbox Island. Getting there by ferry and then finding accommodations looks a lot easier than I expected. Wonderful! BUT WAIT – the excursion I want to do is $120 per person. I can possibly go by myself, but that leaves my husband in charge of two kids. It’s a situation he’s fully capable of doing, but being away from home and not on a resort property might make him feel anxious (at least before scoping out the island).

And you can forget about seeing Chichén Itzá while staying on Holbox Island – it’s a small fortune to take four people. Yes, I’m taking the kids (it’s all about living and exploring our world in real life).

I also started researching going to Tulum, which also boasts great beaches, Mayan Ruins, and cenotes (sinkholes filled with water). Perfection!

Hold the phone! More vacation ideas

Then, I discover that there are hotels around Chichén Itzá and they are ACTUALLY AFFORDABLE (my surprise is because while researching going to Machu Picchu, I learned there is one hotel at the site and it is very, very expensive). Two of the hotels have their own private entrance to Chichen Itza, too, making the cheaper of the two a front-runner, even with mixed reviews from travelers.

BUT WAIT! Have you heard of the Ek Balam Mayan Ruins? They aren’t too far from Chichén Itzá, only about an hour drive. The site is a lot less busy because it’s not so famous yet, plus you can still climb the ruins. This sounds amazing…

This is why I have travel decision fatigue

It’s the paradox of choice, isn’t it? Decision fatigue is real, especially with so many wonderful choices of family friendly destinations.

Now, do I try to squeeze in a trip to Chichén Itzá and Ek Balam, before heading to either Tulum or Riviera Maya? What other Mayan ruins can we visit? I also need input from my husband. I need to know his preferences and the amount he’s willing to spend. It’s his vacation, too!

Do you struggle from vacation planning decision paralysis or travel anxiety? How do you overcome it?

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