Mexico Earthquake 2017: The Strongest in (nearly) a Century

UPDATE: This link answers questions about the best ways to donate to disaster relief agencies. CharityWatch is listed on the previously mentioned website and they provide ratings that may help you with your decision of where to donate to disaster relief. In the days following major disasters, monetary donations will go much further than material donations (many of which end up being unusable). Clicking here will take you directly to Charity Watch’s top rated charities. Scroll down to International Relief & Development to find the organization that most appeals to you. Please consider donating to help people around the world who are victims of natural disasters. We are all humans. Today, Mexicans and Americans need your help. Tomorrow, however, it’ll be another part of the world. Thank you!

UPDATE 2: 11 days later on September 19, another strong earthquake rocked Mexico City. We are much closer to Mexico City and indeed we felt it. Thankfully, our area has no damage. Again, if it is within your heart and means, please consider donating to help the victims of both of Mexico’s earthquakes this year. Many people already live in poverty and your donations will go far to help them.

Hola friends,

This morning, I received a text at 6:39 am. “Are you guys okay??” I didn’t know why my friend was asking, but I answered her immediately all the same.

“We are fine. Why?”

Today, there was a huge earthquake off the southern coast of Mexico. At the time of this writing, at least 30 people are already confirmed dead and some are missing (I’ve read a report that people may be trapped in a collapsed hotel). We are fine. We only experienced a little bit of shaking and my family and I slept through it. In fact, the only time I remembered waking up last night, I wondered what the heck my husband was doing, using his cellphone flashlight like a disco ball… The curtains were moving (and I assumed they were blowing in the wind) and the outside lights were “flashing” in my face. I came to just enough to realize this and fell back to sleep.

Clouds, maybe a minor storm, over the Pacific. As viewed from my balcony in Puerto Vallarta, an area unaffected by the earthquake.

A beautiful cloud formation over the Pacific. This is from Puerto Vallarta, an area unaffected by the earthquake.

The strongest Earthquake in (nearly) a Century

The president of Mexico has called this earthquake the strongest Mexico has seen in a century (source here and source). There are reports that Mexico City schools are closed today to assess any damage. We are located between the epicenter of the earthquake and Mexico City. As far as I can tell, there isn’t much or any damage in my city. I’m thankful and grateful.

However, two states in Mexico were much harder hit: Oaxaca and Chiapas (which borders Guatemala). Chiapas is reportedly one of the poorest in Mexico. People are likely to suffer greatly after such a disaster, especially in an area where there is much poverty already.

Hurricane Katia is supposed to hit Mexico tomorrow. Hurricane Irma ripping through the Caribbean as it heads towards Florida. Back in 1999, my family and I evacuated from the Outer Banks of North Carolina, just ahead of Hurricane Floyd. In 2004, I was vacationing on Grand Cayman Island, when Hurricane Charley blew by. However, we didn’t evacuate then. Thankfully, it seemed to mostly miss the island, but it caused a lot of damage to Florida, even as far inland as Orlando . There was a lot of damage to the Orlando airport. I remember that keenly.

Around a month later, Hurricane Ivan did hit the Caymans and caused widespread damage.

I’m feeling lucky and grateful that we were not in any immediate danger then or now.

Thank you all for your concern!



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