Why You Should Play in Parque Bicentenario in Queretero

Though in the Midwest USA, amusement park season is winding down, autumn is a wonderful time to visit! In August, we finally had the opportunity to visit Parque Bicentenario, located in Queretaro, Mexico. While I knew it was an amusement park, I actually had no idea what to expect. Would it be like our big parks in Ohio, Cedar Point and Kings Island? Would it be fun?


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The entrance of Parque Bicentario in Queretero, Mexico

See, it wasn’t busy at all and it was a Saturday!

Parque Bicentario (and why you should visit!)

The parking lot was huge and looked nearly empty especially compared to its size. We walked to the entrance, bought our tickets (50 pesos each, approximately $2.82 USD at the time of this writing), went through the entrance turnstiles, and waited for the bus that takes you down to the park. For 50 pesos, I wasn’t expecting a lot.

A far view of a roller coaster at Parque Bicentenario, with a deep blue sky at the backdrop.

The bus winds down into the park. At the drop-off point, there were cows with incredibly large horns, horses, and something that looked like a water buffalo. Across from this area was a self propelled ride along a circular track. My kids wanted to ride. My daughter went with me and my son with my husband. I started pedaling. The design of the car, while looking cool, made pedaling a challenge. Then, as we went along, I noticed the track was kind of high off the ground.

“Hold on really tight,” I panted to my daughter. “These seat belts aren’t very tight.”

All I could think about were rides breaking or my little cart flying off the tracks, because of the tragedy that happened in July, 2017 at the Ohio State Fair. Thankfully, there wasn’t a reason to be worried. Needless to say, I don’t plan on riding it again. Apparently, lack of tight seatbelts, no sides, and heights mixed together make me feel very afraid!

A cow with giant horns.

This thing was huge!

This drop off point wasn’t particularly impressive, though the giant horned cows are something to see! So far, it reminded me of a fair, since there are animals to see. We didn’t linger long.

Further into the park, it gets better

We wandered further into the park. At first, you really don’t feel like you’re in an amusement park, until you come to the top of a hill and look over the park grounds. This is the first real glimpse of the rides and normal amusement park things.

People walking down a hill into th heart of the amusement park.

Now it’s starting to look like an amusement park!

However, Parque Bicentenario one has more than just rides. There are ziplines, a water park, and a skateboard park. Some rides cost extra and some are included in admission. We also rode the carousel, a flying dinosaur ride, a small roller coaster, and paid for the kids to play on an inflatable slide. We let the kids get their faces painted and we ate amusement park food (all was reasonably priced). I finally got to try esquite (es-kee-tay), which is corn, mayo, lime (it’s called limon in our area), tajin, and cheese. It’s SO good and so tangy. I came home and recreated it. Multiple times. Even better, I’m the only one in the family who likes it, so I get to eat it all!

The roller coaster track with the cart nearing the top, ready to roll down the hill. It's small and tame enough for children

My younger child’s first roller coaster ride!

I think we missed a few things

Parque Bicentenario isn’t a huge park, but it’s worth a visit if you are in Queretaro, Mexico. There are several kids’ rides that are free to ride. Some, the kids have to ride on their own and others, adults have to ride with them. We only rode about 5 rides, but all were included in the price of admission. The only thing we did that cost extra was the giant, inflatable slide. At the time of our visit, it was 25 pesos for 12 minutes. This seemed like a short time, but by the end of it, our kids were really tired from climbing the steep, inflatable staircase. Be aware that if the plastic isn’t somewhat shaded, it might burn your kids’ legs. This one was cool enough that wasn’t a problem for us.

A giant inflatable slide with a green genie on top who resembles Shrek.

First, I thought it was Shrek, but it turned out to be a genie. This inflatable slide wore out my kids!

Of course, Parque Bicentario is open year round (check their schedule before going, as they are not open daily) and it is a fun trip with kids. It wasn’t that busy, especially in the early afternoon. Like US parks there are also food and drink stands, and places to buy souvenirs.

It had a similar feel to the large parks in Ohio, yet felt small enough to see most of it in a couple of hours. There was plenty to do with our little kids (ages 4 and 5) and it seemed like there was also plenty for bigger kids to do. One of my favorite rides was the train ride (no surprise, since I love train rides). We skipped the boat ride, but it also looks like it’s a lot of fun!

Why Should You Go Play In Parque Bicentenario?

It’s fun! It is so inexpensive for the value received, too. Even when you add in paying extra for certain rides and activities, you are still getting so much for your money. Additionally, it isn’t very crowded, particularly in the mornings!

If you are already planning a trip to Queretaro, Mexico, include going to Parque Bicentenario in your itinerary. I can’t wait to return!

For more information, check out the website (in Spanish): Parque Bicentenario.

Where in the world is your favorite amusement park?

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