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The Best Travel Toys for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Do you need some gift ideas for a traveling child? Are you looking for the best travel toys for toddlers and preschoolers? The toys on this list are especially well-suited to travel. They are all small, light, and also pack easily.

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These are the Best Travel Car Seats for Flying with Kids: 2019 Guide

Which car seats are the best travel car seats for airplanes? When you fly frequently with kids, you want to find a car seat that is easy to install, uninstall, use safely, and is easier to carry though airports. Which are the best car seats for flying with infants, toddlers, and preschoolers?

I’m an advocate for car seat safety. Children should be in their correctly installed car seats, buckled properly by an adult every time, and rear facing until they outgrow the limits of their seats. These safety measures certainly extend to air travel. My children always rode in their car seats on airplanes until they were ages 4 and 5 AND met the FFA guidelines for safe lap belt use.  I strongly encourage all parents to follow proper use guidelines to the best of their ability.

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Why I Love Franklin Park Conservatory With Kids

I considered having my wedding at the Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens Palm House on some Friday afternoon in April. It would’ve been beautiful. However, my husband and I ended up eloping on April Fool’s Day. Instead of wedding pictures, I have many photos of our kids playing at the Franklin Park Conservatory. I still love visiting there and now I bring the kids.

I’m happy with that decision. The kids and I definitely need “Blooms and Butterflies” after seeing nothing but snow for a couple months. My husband is great, too. You can even tell him I said so.

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To Canada or Not? That is the Question

Thanks to Simone about her Canadian adventure to Minden, Ontario with a toddler in tow!

After having had guests from Germany, for two weeks in June, vacation is calling. How convenient that my husband’s work’s shutdown week is right around the corner! How about a trip to Minden, Ontario, Canada to visit friends at their cottage at Mountain Lake? I am immediately thinking to rent an RV for the week. That should be an inexpensive, adventurous, and hopefully fun, way to travel and we can take the dogs along; so we save even more money. “Yes? Great! Let’s do this!”

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Kids Getting Sick While Traveling: First Aid Kit

Sometimes, you get sick on the road. In our case, before our first international flight with our children, one child was up all night throwing up the night before we left. What do you do if this happens? What should you bring with you on your travels? Should you carry a first aid kit?

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Santa Brígida Mine is Minecraft in Real Life

In another surprise day trip, planned two hours before leaving, we visited a place called Mineral de Pozos. Mineral de Pozos is a Pueblo Mágico (magical town or village) and the second place we’ve visited with that designation. The town itself is a clean little place with some lovely cafes and shops. While it may be awesome, our destination was one of the mines in Pozos: the Santa Brígida Mine.

What is so special about this place?

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7 Quick Tips About Traveling with Kids

Are you a seasoned traveler or a novice? Either way, traveling with kids changes how you do things. While a flight delay might be an annoying experience for a solo traveler, it can be downright awful for those with young, hungry, tired, and bored children.

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This Is How to do Club Med in Cancun With A Toddler In Tow

Thank you, Simone, for this wonderful post about vacationing at an all inclusive resort in Cancun with toddlers. This article is not sponsored by Club Med and all opinions are those of the author. Read on to find out about what it’s like to travel to a kid friendly resort in Cancun!

One of our new requirements for going on vacation is that neither one of us has been to that particular destination before (unless it is as magnificent of a location as Paris, of course). This time, after contemplating, researching, and budget planning, we decided on: nothing! We just somehow did not do anything other than thinking and talking about it.


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