Female Flying Solo: Who Is Jerrie Mock?

As noted in the post What to Do When You Can’t Travel, we aren’t able to travel right now. We spent a night in Cincinnati, Ohio last month, but that’ll be it for awhile. However, I wanted to let my readers know about a few updates to the blog, as well as answer the question, “who is Jerrie Mock?”

Picture of a large roller coaster track from afar.

This is Kings Island amusement park. We visited Cincinnati, Ohio in September. This is the view from the Whirlybirds ride.

First things first, what would you say if your spouse asked, “do you want live abroad?”

Uh, I’m doing research. *wink, wink*

Guest post

My friend, Julie, who blogs over at Waiting for Fireflies graciously allowed me to post Why Natalie Chooses World Schooling and Asking Why.


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Not sure

These are new water squirting statues at Columbus Zoo. Another local adventure!

So, who is Jerrie Mock?

Writing this post inspired me to do some online searches. I searched for  “the most interesting things about Columbus, Ohio.” It’s close enough for a day adventure (though you’ll recall I spent the night for my friend’s birthday). In my search, I discovered Geraldine Fredritz Mock (aka Jerrie Mock). Who is she?

While we (Americans, at least) remember Amelia Earhart, Jerrie Mock isn’t nearly so famous. However, she is the first woman to fly solo around the world! Not only that, she left from Columbus, Ohio in a Cessna called “Spirit of Columbus”! She began the journey on March 19, 1964.

Another woman was attempting to do the same thing at the same time. Her name was Joan Merriam Smith and she left from San Francisco two days earlier. Smith was following Earhart’s path. The media developed it into a competition (as the media does). Of course, upon learning about Smith’s quest, Mock did move up her departure date by 2 weeks, so maybe there was a little something to it.

Public domain photo of Jerrie Mock

Public domain photo of Jerrie Mock.

Ultimately, Mock was the “winner.” She returned to Ohio’s capitol city on April 17, 1964. Surprisingly, Mock isn’t a huge celebrity in Columbus, though there is a statue of her at the airport. Her birthplace, Newark, Ohio,  also celebrates her accomplishments with a bronze statue outside The Works museum. (Source, source, and source). Mock died on September 30, 2014.

This was a fun discovery. In fact, visiting The Works museum might be a fun field trip!

What are fun facts about your own town? Have you ever considered moving abroad? Yes, these questions are unrelated, but both are worth asking!

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