10 More Halloween Costume Ideas for Travelers & Expats

I love dressing up for Halloween. In fact, I love it so much, I also posted 15 Easy Halloween Costume Ideas for Travelers & Expats, because even though I’m an expat and parent, I still want to dress up in a Halloween costume! Guess what? I found more amazing ideas that will (mostly) travel really easily, while still being neat costumes.

After all, it’s more fun to dress up if the Halloween costume is pretty cool. These costumes are pretty cool, punny, or both. There are also two of the best world traveler costume ideas on this list. Go forth and dress up in a unique Halloween costume!

As always, please be aware that there are things that could be very offensive in other cultures. I strongly recommend researching customs in the area you are living or visiting before dressing up. If you’re in doubt, don’t dress up! For expats living in or people traveling to the USA, almost anything goes.


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Last Halloween, my favorite costume was someone dressed as a jellyfish! She had attached ribbons to a round pillow and attached it to her head. Pinterest has many pictures of people who used umbrellas and other amazing ideas (there’s a wonderful Jack Sparrow cameo in this picture, too). It’s what I was planning to be this year, if we were still living in the US.


This is a wonderful idea, especially for a child. It’s simple, unique, and I bet you can’t get the rainboots off your kids anyway (except when it’s actually raining). For colder climates, add a raincoat! There are lined raincoats for children that will help keep your little one warm.

White Rabbit

The costume in this tutorial is a little more involved than I would necessarily choose. However, the concept is solid, recognizable, and the basic elements are easy to travel with. Grab your ears, cotton tail, and a white outfit and you’re set! I’d probably buy a clock purse, too, because it’s adorable and I’d use it again.


If I had known that being a mermaid would be a viable career choice, I’d have chosen that path. When I was around 8 years old, I’d pretend to be a dolphin and a mermaid in our pool. Back then, mermaid tails were not a thing, so I had to use my imagination. Nowadays, you could travel with some sparkly clothes, a fishnet stocking, and your make up and quickly and easily turn into my childhood dream, err, a mermaid.

Halloween costume ideas of things in my closet right now. First picture: girl in teal dress, hair tied into a bow, wearing sunglasses, and a zombie tied to my neck with a scarf, reminiscent of a 1960s spy, but inspired by Lady Gaga. 2nd picture,a girl wearing a green jacket, and argle sweater. 3rd picture, girl in a teal sweater over a blue and white dress.

Ideas inspired by Lady Gaga and TV show characters. These items came right out of my closet. Dressing as a tv show character can make it easy to shop in your own closet.

Deviled Egg

Have I mentioned I like punny things? Buy an egg t-shirt, devil horns and tail set, and you are set! If you are into DIY, buy a white t-shirt and glue on a piece of yellow felt that has been cut into a circle. Add the devil accessories and off you go to amaze your friends with your hilarious jokes. If you have friends like me, of course. I like dad jokes, too.

Bubble gum machine

However, this bubblegum machine is an easy DIY costume, too. Grab some small colorful poms at a craft store, glue them in a circle on a white shirt and headband, pair it with red pants or skirt, and off you go! It is also a really cute pregnancy costume idea. I was never pregnant enough in October to pull off a cute “Look at me, I’m pregnant” costume, sadly. So, pregnant moms? Do it. Do all the cute pregnancy things you want to do!

A Pinterest Board

You can really get creative with this deceptively simple costume. It does take some preparation, but it is easy and fun. It’ll be like being a kid again and cutting pictures out of magazines for your “board.”


Yes, Arthur from the Arthur books! This costume is adorable and adorably easy. Pack your jeans, a white button down, and a yellow sweater (stuff you’ll likely need on a fall trip anyway) and more than half your costume is ready to go.

Baby (& Johnny)

These iconic characters from the movie Dirty Dancing are instantly recognizable. I put this on here so that if I ever get my husband to agree to a couple’s costume, that this be on the list! He can dance, too, he just won’t show it off. Here’s a picture of a simple and yet effective recreation.

Here’s the dress I’d buy for this costume!

Carmen Sandiego (or World Traveller Costume)

This is an awesome costume for a female traveler. All you need would be a red trench coat and a floppy red hat. That’s not difficult to find at all, is it? Thank goodness for amazon (the above is an affiliate link). Here’s a great hat for this costume!

And a bonus idea That’s a Perfect Halloween Costume for Travelers

This one is especially appropriate for travelers: Where’s Waldo/Wanda. I love this one on its own and when you pair it with a person (or family) who travels frequently, it’s the punniest around!

Grab your Halloween costume and go forth & Travel

Halloween is a fun holiday. I hope  that you’ve found the perfect Halloween costume to take on your travels or wear in your current country. Go forth, get dressed up, and enjoy Halloween!

What’s your favorite Halloween costume idea? Have you traveled with costumes before? Were they easy or more involved? What are your favorite October traditions you’ve encountered on your travels?

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