Best Mother’s Day Ideas for Your Wife Who Loves to Travel 2019

It’s time to honor our moms, travelers or not. I’m a mom and I appreciate gifts that are thoughtful and practical. Sure, I’d love a box of chocolates or flowers for a random daily surprise. However, putting some thought into it and finding an unique Mother’s Day gift shows that I’m appreciated for the sacrifices I make for the family.

Here are the best Mother’s Day ideas for your wife who loves to travel, from my viewpoint as a traveling mom!

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This is My Favorite Travel Accessory: A Guide to Finding the Best Menstrual Cup

Mom travelers, well, any female traveler, this post is for you. It’s all about my personal favorite travel accessory: the menstrual cup. Wait! Before you groan, this post is not sponsored by any one brand. My favorite travel blogger lamented about people writing gift lists and putting some brand of menstrual cup on the list, because really… who gives menstrual cups as gifts?!

She’s right. It’s a weird gift to give someone (but I’ve considered it for a really close friend), partially because period talk is still sort of taboo, and actually most importantly: because every woman has different needs.

Here’s why the menstrual cup is my favorite travel accessory!

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This is What Happens When You Send a Text to the Wrong Person

When someone else sends a text to the wrong person, it’s hilarious. When I send a text to the wrong person, it’s also hilarious. However, first it’s mortifying.

Here’s what happened to me.

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Kids Getting Sick While Traveling: First Aid Kit

Sometimes, you get sick on the road. In our case, before our first international flight with our children, one child was up all night throwing up the night before we left. What do you do if this happens? What should you bring with you on your travels? Should you carry a first aid kit?

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Why I Was So Scared to Travel (and Why You Shouldn’t Be!)

I was so scared to travel and I never even considered traveling alone. My friends never had money or time. Frequently, both. If they did, they’d go with their significant other. I didn’t know that people traveled solo simply because they could. Nor did I realize how rewarding it would be. How do you alleviate the fear of traveling? How do you fight the foe called travel anxiety?

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Respect Where You Are On Your Journey

One thing I love to do for myself is write letters to Future Me. It has helped me realize when I’ve made progress in my life and thinking. It reminds me of difficult times and that I’ve persevered through them. I get snapshots of what my kids were like at certain ages and I’ve made sure to include more about my little precious people in my future letters to my future self. The snapshot shows me where I was on my journey and where I am now.

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The Art of Making Friends (When You Don’t Speak Their Language Yet)

“I’m not sure if you are trying to be my friend or if you are trying to kill me,” I panted to my new acquaintance, in the middle of the torture fitness class she’d invited me to attend.

“I am a friend, I promise,” she replied with a laugh. We were both sweating, but I felt like I was the only woman in the room who couldn’t get her breath. The women were like goddesses or Wonder Woman (Wonder Women?) The older gentleman assistant said, “Calm,” to me. As in, it’s okay to slow down. Maybe he was worried I was going to keel over and die. I was worried about that!

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These Are Some of the Cutest Hairstyles Ever

Most days, if everyone is dressed, fed, and teeth brushed, I’m feeling ahead of the game. Getting everyone’s hair brushed is like a bonus in the game of life. Not required, but boy, it looks nice! My daughter prefers to wear her hair down and loose and I don’t try to tame that preference, because it isn’t my hair. The only thing I insist upon is that it gets brushed somewhat regularly. Up until now, that’s about as much as she’d let me play with it, so I haven’t even tried any special hairstyles.

In Mexico, I’ve made an observation (it’s a generality, not an absolute). So many kids have amazing hairstyles. Boys and girls alike, even in casual settings like the mall, are styled and gelled. The girls’ styles are often intricate. I wonder, “how do they do it?”

Because this seems beyond my capabilities.

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