As An Expat, I Make Many Mistakes and That’s Okay

This week is the last week of school in Mexico. It actually ends on July 6 this year. A lot of people don’t even send their kids during the last week. This week, we had the prescolar ceremony with diplomas given on Monday. I put in my calendar that there is a graduation ceremony today after another different event in the morning.

Apparently, as is common, I was mistaken.

We Slept In Today

I also ended up missing the morning event because I was too tired to find a new place I’d never been (it’s really easy to get lost here). It turns out THAT was the event to which I should’ve gone with my older child. I also didn’t know that my daughter should’ve gone to school at normal time.



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I took both kids to school an hour late. They were also in the wrong uniform.

Yeah, today just wasn’t my day to be perfect.

I really thought I was on top of it! Nope. I wasn’t even close. Really, I shouldn’t worry so much. Most things are far more relaxed here in Mexico than in the United States. It is the last week and everyone told me not to worry. It’s nice. As an expat and a human, I make many mistakes.

Now’s the time I guess I should give you a bit of a personal update.

I Don’t Even Wanna Travel. What?!

I’ve been struggling with my health and I only recently realized it started all the way back when we were visiting Ohio. That was December. It’s a long time to not feel well or at all like myself. I finally saw a couple of different doctors. I found out that I don’t have typhoid or parasites. Or any bad bacteria, though I’d have sworn otherwise two Saturdays ago.

While I don’t know the root cause, it turns out that my red blood cell count is a tiny bit low. That tiny bit made me feel really bad. I also have some stomach or intestinal problem. Again, I don’t yet know the cause. However, I am finally on the upswing. I feel more like myself now than I did for the better part of the last 7 months.

It’s refreshing to feel hopeful and happy again.

A picture of the beach from the Mayan Ruins in Tulum.

When I see this beautiful view, I want to travel again!

Do You Hear the Song Calling You?

When I feel sick or “off,” traveling and motivation to travel is non-existent. Motivation to write was also lacking. Now, the siren song of travel is calling again.

I am grateful for this. I tried to write a post to update, but I couldn’t find the words. I’d write, “I’m feeling crappy and I don’t know why” over and over. What do you say when you felt too bad to travel for a travel blog? My experiences consisted of binge watching three Star Trek series with my husband (I do feel this was time well spent, however). We will travel again and sometime soon, I will have more stories of traveling with the family.

Thanks for sticking around! Go forth, travel, and take the kids!

What setbacks have you overcome in the past? What are your summer travel plans?

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