A Quick Guide to Beachy Good Times in Ixtapa

“I have two weekdays off in early December,” my husband informed me. After making him triple quadruple check this with multiple people, we decided to go to Ixtapa. Ixtapa is a beach destination in Mexico that many expats and locals recommended. We decided that four days there would be enough time to get a good taste of the beach and would be worth the 5-6 hour drive.

“Wait, we leave for the US 4 days later,” I said to my husband. “That’s just crazy.”

“Let’s do it,” he said. I am so glad that we did!

Ixtapa, Mexico With Kids


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An ocean view from Ixtapa; the wave rolls in on the sand in the foreground. In the background, it's several shades of blue and in the horizeon, you see large rocks poking out. They aren't quite islands, though, merely large rocks.

I am obsessed with ocean and sky blue views.

A Quick Guide to Ixtapa

Check prices and availability at the Barcelo Ixtapa!

If you are looking for a relaxing vacation, yet one that still manages to tire out the kids, a beach destination like Ixtapa in Guerrero, Mexico is an excellent choice to unwind. For families, the resorts are incredibly well priced and there are many that are all-inclusive. Not worrying about meal planning, cooking, and cleaning make for a relaxing vacation for moms and dads, too.

If a lot of relaxation was the only good thing about Ixtapa, I’d recommend it, but there was more… you can also see baby sea turtles! Many of the hotels release them and guests can watch them make their way to the water.

This is a quick overview of the area. We stayed 3 nights/4 days. As it is a close beach destination for us, we plan to return again! In December, the temperature highs are in the mid-80s F and the lows are the low to mid-70s F. It was a lot warmer than where we live in Central Mexico!

While there, I met a couple from Wisconsin that was staying for two weeks. Of course, the biggest expense from the states are the flights. Once you’re there, the hotels are fairly inexpensive for a longer stay.

Additionally, on our flights home from the US, I met a couple of American women who were staying in Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo for a month. If you can swing a longer stay, you can do more exploring!

The view from my blacony. There is a roof in the right foreground and a red and yellow parachute "deflating" in the right mid ground. The beach and ocean are in the background.

The view from my room.

Ixtapa All Inclusive Resorts

Recommended: Barcelo Ixtapa

We stayed at Barcelo Ixtapa, an all-inclusive resort that is right on the beach. The resort is older, dated, and in need of cosmetic upgrades. However, it’s clean and everything seems properly maintained. The property has 4 pools (including a shallow one that just for kids) and has beach front access.

I chose an upgraded room. At this time of year, the price difference was pretty small. It had a bedroom with two Queen beds, a kitchenette (which included a sink, microwave, and small refrigerator). We were apparently upgraded to the best view available, so when I stepped out on our balcony, I could see the pacific. There was a roof partially obstructing the view, but I am still happy with it. I wasn’t there to stare at the ocean from my room.

Check prices and availability

Second Choice: Azul Ixtapa

This one is great for kids, as they have a small water park right next to the pool. When you have kids, a kid friendly resort is so helpful. This resort was recommended to us by another family, who are repeat customers. When I return to Ixtapa, this all inclusive resort is high on my list!

Check prices and availability

Third Choice: Las Brisas

Since it was a holiday weekend in my state, many people I know visited Ixtapa at the same time. Other friends of ours stayed at Las Brisas. Our research indicates that the newest resorts in Ixtapa are already 30 years old, but Las Brisas was remodeled around a decade ago. It has come highly recommended to us.

Check prices and availability

A brown falcon rest majestically on the leather-gloved hand of its human.

A falconer and his falcon were seen daily on the hotel’s property.

Food at Barcelo

Mexicans typically eat a large lunch starting around 2 pm. However, the resorts do start serving meals starting at times that are normal for Americans. We’d hit the buffets right when they opened and had the freshest options.

The food at Barcelo was only okay, though they did make a great ceviche surprisingly. Ceviche is a popular dish here in Mexico and contains seafood, lime, and it’s occasionally spicy as all get out. It’s a little different in every region, so it’s worth trying in multiple places.

Off resort: The Market

Across from the resorts (many are lined up next to each other, as is typically in resort towns), there is a strip mall and market. A lot of people speak English there, so you can’t get away with saying, “no hablo espanol,” if you’re introverted. You will find anything and everything there you can imagine. We bought a few souvenirs at a shop, turtle shaped magnets, for a whole 20 pesos each (at the time, this is just over $1 USD).

The disadvantage of the all-inclusive resort is that you don’t need to go try the local food. The only thing I tried off the resort in Ixtapa is ice cream.

Things To Do in Ixtapa


As usual, we did not pursue any on or off resort activities. Of course, there are many options. Friends of ours went fishing, with a fish fry on a beach somewhere. On the beach in front of our hotel, people could parasail. Ask at your resort for the activities that are available.

The friends who went fishing recommended to book day trips at the resort because they ended up not completely understanding their tour package and had to incur extra expense getting a taxi back to the hotel because they were dropped off somewhere several miles away.

On Resort for Kids

Additionally, the resorts offer activities for kids. Barcelo had a playroom and activities scheduled each day. In the evening, they set up an outdoor screen and chairs in the grassy area and showed kids’ movies.

Xihuacan Museum and Archeological Site

This smaller site is mostly in Spanish, so look for an English speaking guide if you need it. It’s smaller and not well known, so you may get lucky and have the ruins almost to yourself. You can’t climb pyramids here, but it’s a great introduction to Mayan architecture.

Baby Turtle Release, Snorkeling, and Horseback riding

These three activities can be booked separately while you are in Ixtapa. Some may only be available seasonally. Check with your resort if you want to book through them.

Before you book any type of “swim with Dolphins,” please read below.

Another beach view that includes palm trees, a lot of sand, and the beach in the background. In the bottom left foreground, there are posts and canvas making a "fence." This area is protecting turtle nests.

The view from the outdoor dining room. In the foreground on the left, you can see a protected area where there are turtle nests.

A note about ethical animal tourism

Animals are exploited all over the world for tourism purposes. I discovered the hard way that I made a mistake when I went diving with stingrays, so now I always try to research the things I want to do before doing them.

In my research, I’ve discovered that it’s important to avoid anything that includes “swimming with captive animals,” such as dolphins. First, dolphins are usually ripped violently from their pods and then underfed in order to perform.

Since many resorts release baby turtles, I came home and researched if this was ethical/sustainable. I believe if they offer minimal handling of the turtle babies and use gloves while handling, that they are being ethical (your mileage may vary).

Another thing you can do to support turtle conservation is to avoid buying anything that include turtle shells in the design, such as tortoise shell combs. If the vendor has turtle shell items in his or her inventory, tell the you won’t be supporting them and exactly why.

I’ll go again!

Ixtapa is a great, low cost, family-friendly destination. We spent a lot more time on the beach than we did during our Puerto Vallarta trip. It was cleaner. There wasn’t any debris washing up on shore. Early December is a slower season, so the resort and the beaches weren’t as busy. That’s also a plus!

Where is your favorite beach destination? Do you prefer glossy all-inclusive resorts or an experience that involves more local exploring?

Safety comment

While I do believe that Ixtapa itself is a fairly safe resort town, the safety in the state Guerrero may be declining. At this time, I do not recommend that tourists drive there and instead opt to fly into Zihuatanejo.


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    • Natalie says:

      I’m a big fan of relaxing on vacations. It seems like we do a lot more relaxing on our longer trips and more sightseeing on our shorter trips. I don’t know why!

  1. Christine says:

    Great tips and guide to Ixtapa! I’ve never been, however would love to go someday soon. Sounds like you and your family had a lovely time. Thank you for sharing your experience!

  2. Joanna says:

    What a beautiful place to relax for a few days! I am a beach lover as well and I simply can’t get enough of the blue shades of the water. I would love to see the baby turtles in Ixtapa, it must be such a special feeling to observe them struggling with the sand and reach the sea, successfully!

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