The Best Kids Luggage Sets: Guide for Families on the Go

As a parent who loves to travel, you want to take your children with you when you explore. I do, too! The trip planning is done and now it’s time to pack. You’ve decided on getting a set of children’s luggage with wheels.  What is the best kids’ luggage set? Should you get your kids hardside luggage or soft luggage? Should kids even have their own suitcase?!

Best Kids Luggage Sets

Let me help you with your decision! We have traveled quite a bit, predominantly between Mexico and the US. They typically carry a backpack, containing their travel car seat vest for the destination and a few possessions of their choice.


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Comparison Chart of the Best Kids Luggage Sets 2018

If you plan to travel a lot, it is worth investing in a luggage set.

NameImageTypePriceDimensions (as available)
Rockland 2 Piece Expandable Luggage Set Wheeled suitcase and matching carry on bag8 x 13 x 19 inches
Goplus 2Pc Hardshell Luggage Set Hard shell swivel wheel suitcase and matching hardshell backpackLuggage:18.5” x 12” x 8”
Backpack: 13” x 10” x 4.5”
Goplus 2Pc Kids Upright Hard Side Carry On Luggage Set Hard shell swivel wheel suitcase and matching hardshell backpack16" Trolley Suitcase
12" backpack
Cars Lightweight Luggage Set from iPlay, iLearn Hard shell swivel wheel suitcase and matching hardshell backpack18 Inch Luggage
14 Inch Backpack
Travel Buddies Rusty Robot LuggageHard shell suitcase with two wheels and matching backpack18" rolling ABS suitcase
13" backpack
Heys America Travel Tots Kids 2 Pc Luggage SetHard shell suitcase with two wheels and matching backpack 18 x 13.5 x 9 inches

Best Kids Luggage Reviews

Rockland 2 Piece Expandable Luggage Set

I love the Rockland 2 piece set. Even though this is listed as an adult bag by the manufacturer, it is pretty small. That makes it perfect for kids! These sets come with full lining, an internal handle, skate wheels, and they are expandable. The only downside is that they are heavy, weighing in at 7 lbs.

It does come in multiple colors, including the pink chevron in the chart and also this gorgeous turquoise above.

Goplus 2Pc Kids Upright Hard Side Carry On Luggage Set

Goplus kids luggage sets are hard sided and made of polycarbonate, ABS and nylon. The manufacturer claims that these materials are durable and will not damage easily. They are also lightweight. However, the product weight is not listed. One of the best features are the durable 360 degree, multi-directional wheels. The ergonomically designed pull handle is also a great feature!

Why Should Kids Have their Own Suitcase?

Kids love to imitate adults. If you’re rolling your luggage through the airport, they will also likely enjoy it. If you like to travel light, like carry on only light, it makes sense to divide the weight of the items between more bags. After all, you’ve purchased tickets for your child and they can bring a carry on. Be prepared to take charge of the suitcase if needed.

As travel is an adventurous pursuit, perhaps you’re adventurous enough to let them pack themselves. If so, then they can have their treasures (and maybe some of their clothes) in their very own luggage. In fact, if they get to choose at least a few of their own items, it does foster their self-confidence with decision making.

At ages 4 and 5, my children love to pick out their own clothes for a trip. I do gently guide them to weather-appropriate clothing, if needed. They also do a great job picking out a few toys and books that they will carry through the airport and hotel. Usually, I’ll also add some toys I know have done well in the past, such as a small bag of legos (and other travel friendly toys).

When Choosing Luggage for Kids

Should There be Wheels?

If you’re looking for kids suitcases, ideally, they should have wheels. It’s much easier for kids to pull (or push) a rolling suitcase than trying to drag something without wheels.

Should Luggage be Soft or Hard Sided?

That’s entirely personal preference!

Should it be Cutesy or Classic?

Again, this is personal preference. Young kids will likely enjoy a suitcase with their favorite character or animal on it. However, a classic style will last longer in the world of style. I usually let my kids pick these things, so I know they will use them!

Is Size and Weight of the Luggage Important?

Yes. If it’s too large for a child, it can conceivably be filled with too much heavy stuff. If it’s too heavy, your child will be unable to pull it through the airport or will tire too quickly.

In fact, I believe the size, weight, and durability are the most important features in luggage. Beauty and style have to come second. Luckily, with all the choices available, there is bound to be a perfect children’s suitcase for everyone!

What’s the Best Girls Luggage or Girls Suitcases?

Whichever one the girl in question likes best!

What are the Best Boys Luggage or Boys Suitcase?

Whichever one the boy in question likes best!


Traveling with young kids is quite challenging and also worth it. Having a good children’s luggage set will considerably ease the difficulties of traveling. I hope you find the best kids luggage set for your family. Go forth, travel, and please, take the kids!

What’s your favorite luggage set for kids? Do you prefer soft sided or hard sided luggage?

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