Do You Need Terrific Travel Themed Costumes? Try These!

I love to dress up in costumes. Naturally, Halloween is also one of my favorite holidays. Whether you are traveling or going to a friend’s costume party, here are some awesome travel themed costumes. These will work any time of year!

I’ve written about costumes for Halloween that travel easily and are still clever and fun. You can use these for Halloween or a travel themed party. There are even a few that will work for a time travel party!

If you’re looking for travel themed Halloween costumes for adults, read on!


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Whether you want to channel your inner Amelia Earhart or Jerrie Mock, you can choose an old school pilot costume or bring it into modern times. Dress as your favorite aviator, real or fictional.

Flight Attendant

The quintessential costume with a travel theme: flight attendant. While dressing up as a flight attendant might be one of the most common ideas for a travel themed event, it’s still a lot of fun. From extremely stylized to the modern day, there are so many variations. Get a group together and go matching or from different decades!

Where’s Waldo or Where’s Wilma

Waldo (or Wilma, if you prefer) is the world traveler we all want to be: blending in everywhere and not making a scene. Pair the shirt, glasses, and hat with a pair of jeans and you are good to go. If you’re really into it, take the shirt with you around the world and photograph yourself in it. Hilarious!

World Traveller

Who else was absolutely obsessed with “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?” I know it wasn’t just me, they even made a TV show!

When you dress up in the iconic red trench coat and fedora, everyone knows who you are – and they will ask where in the world you’ve been! The only make up you need is a red lipstick. Not only can you wear the trench and hat again, it’s another costume that could make appearances while you travel!

International Person of Mystery

Be the hilarious Austin Powers’ version or create your own idea! For Austin, grab your favorite blue velvet suit. Use the theme music to inspire people to dance.

Time Traveler

Doctor Who Costumes


The Doctor from Doctor Who is one of the most recognizable time travelers of all time (see what I did there?) Each doctor has a distinctive costume.

Now THAT is current! It’s the 13th Doctor’s costume from the show, played by Jodie Whitaker. I’m all for gender bending, so wear your favorite doctor’s costume! Not into Doctor Who?

Back To The Future Costumes

The second and third most recognizable time travelers are Marty McFly and Doc Brown. Carry around a tiny DeLorean to complete the look. Unless you already have your own real one. That’s cool, too.


Yes, the TARDIS is a machine. In one episode of Doctor Who, she does become a woman for a short time. TARDIS stands for time and relative dimensions in space and it can travel anywhere in space or time. With such a huge following that spans multiple decades, it isn’t likely going to go out of style anytime soon.

World Map

Wear this amazing dress and BE the world. Grab matching shoes matching shoes to complete the ensemble.

It’s actually practical and you can wear it regularly. I would! In fact, I’ve been looking for a world map dress to wear out and about.


Space is the ultimate destination and astronauts are the ultimate travelers. Dress up as an homage to the scientists and astronauts who got to the moon in the 1960s. Watch this wonderful documentary about the Last Man on the Moon to get in the spirit of exploration.


Grab this costume and be a Bellhop or Hotel Concierge. It’s really a perfect costume for travelers and maybe even reminds us and others to be appreciative of those in the service and hospitality industries.

Scuba Diver


Whether you are a scuba diver or not, it’s a really fun costume for Halloween or a travel party. Go old school. Add a baby in a carrier as a deep sea creature. Or create your own. Do you want to simplify? Skip the air tank and be a snorkeler!

Annie Walker (from Bridesmaids)

Throw on a black and white blouse, jeans, and sunglasses. Presto! You have an Annie Walker  costume from during her hilarious plane meltdown in the movie Bridesmaids. Couples costume idea: one half dresses Annie and the other as flight attendant, Stove. Err, Steve.

Pick a Character from your Favorite Travel movie

Pick a character from an iconic travel movie. This list has several movies for inspiration or use your own.

Monarch Butterfly

This is probably seems like a most unusual addition to a costume list with a travel theme. However, monarchs migrate 2,500 miles per year. Most overwinter in Mexico and then head back up north in the spring. It’s amazing such fragile creatures can travel so incredibly far every 4 generations. This costume pays homage to an amazing creature.  Plus, it’s a really cool costume!

Go Forth and Dress Up

Dressing up is always fun and choosing a great, whimsical costume can enhance your party. Do you want the cheesiest, easiest costume of all? It’s the classic Obnoxious Tourist, of course! Make it a costume for two and one half dresses as a landmark. Either way, enjoy Halloween or your travel themed party with a wonderful dress up idea!

What’s your favorite travel themed costume? What was your most creative travel or time travel themed costume idea?

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